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Girls looking for sex Serra

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During these conflicts the use of rape as a weapon against the civilian population by state and non-state actors has become more frequent. The second, to degrade the chance of possible return and reconstitution by having inflicted humiliation and shame on the lookkng population. These effects are strategically important for non-state actors, as it is necessary for them to remove the targeted population from the land. Rape as genocide is well suited for campaigns which involve ethnic cleansing and genocideas the objective is to destroy, or forcefully remove the target population, and ensure they do not return.


The remaining twenty-five percent of sexual assaults were carried out by mixed sex groups, which indicates that one in four incidents of MPR women had actively participated. And of all women interviewed, only two had not been repeatedly subjected to sexual violence; gang rape and individual rapes were commonplace. In she founded the "Girls Industrial and Technical Training School" with the aim to make women self-sufficient economically.

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Early history — [ edit ] Madam Lehbu, queen of Upper Gaura in Sierra Leone has witnessed a huge drop in women's education bringing the toll down to 9. Alldridge the first commissioner of Sierra Leone reported ing peace treaties with two women chiefs in Aminata said that girls as young as 14 are left with no option other than prostitution to fund their schooling. This decision was criticised by the appeals chamber, however it declined a request for a new trial.

The rapes in the indictment were described as "brutal", and were often in the form of gang rape. The second, to degrade the Serea of possible return and reconstitution by having inflicted humiliation and shame on the targeted population. First woman to run as an independent candidate for parliament: Mrs.

Sierra leone girls, as young as 14, forced to sell body to fund schooling

Locally the SARC project are called "rainbow centers" and they give free psychosocial and medical care as well as offering legal advice. The majority of Krio women however fell into the lower classes and their education usually did not go beyond elementary school level. They were also found guilty of recruiting child soldierswho had also carried out acts of sexual violence on non-combatants. Left with no choice, they unwillingly have to enter prostitution to fund themselves and their children.

The girl, identified as Aminata, said that she had to sleep with clients at night to fund her schooling. During these conflicts the use of rape as a weapon against the civilian population by state and fpr actors has become more frequent. Expressing her grief, Aminata also revealed that in some cases, these girls get pregnant and are abandoned.

The majority of women in Sierra Leone cannot afford to pay the medical examination fee nor can they afford the cost of a lawyer to represent them.

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At the time of her death inher confederacy had become so large it had to be divided into 15 chiefdoms. It was to raise funds to go to school," said Aminata. These effects are strategically important for non-state actors, as it is necessary lioking them to remove the targeted population from the land. Six percent reported that they had been forcibly impregnated. A report by MSF showed that fifty five per cent looming survivors had suffered gang rapewith the attacks usually involving insertion of objects such as knives and burning firewood into the vagina.

The destruction wrought by sexual violence weakens the targeted population's survival strategies. She also went to war against smaller tribes to increase her holdings. Some women were raped with such violence they bled to death following the assault.

A report by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission stated that thousands of women and Serar were abducted from their homes and suffered physical- sexual- and psychological abuse, including rape and forced pregnancy. Kadi Sesay.

Pregnancy as a result of sexual exploitation has forced many young girls out of school. In a trial chamber of the SCSL found that forced marriage was a crime against humanity, and Grls appeal chamber upheld this judgement in stating, "forced marriage is a distinct, inhumane act of sufficient gravity to be considered a crime against humanity" [b] The prosecutor of the SCSL charged, Brima Bazzy KamaraAlex Tamba Brima and Santigie Borbor Kanuwho were leaders of the AFRC, with counts of sexual slavery, forced marriages, and other forms Serr sexual violence committed by the men under their command.

But, despite having used protection, Aminata got pregnant and was forced to quit school. Photo: YouTube Screengrab Freetown, Sierra Leone: In a shocking revelation, a young girl in Sierra Leone confessed that she earns money by working as a prostitute, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The stigma which is associated with rape often in victims being abandoned, which can lead to the victims being unable to take part in community life, and makes it more difficult to bear and raise Girlx. In the poorest communities of the African country, some girls choose to sell their bodies in exchange for money while some are preyed on by men who force girls to indulge in sex and in Giros promise to pay their school fees.

The use of mass rape allows an enemy to force suffering on an entire community, and in looing this it can lead to the annihilation of the targeted culture. Cummings-John and Richards both won their bids but their party filed electoral petitions against them, preventing them from taking their seats.

Rape during the sierra leone civil war

The PHR report also showed that ninety four per cent of internally displaced households had been victims of some form of violence. Thirty four per cent of survivors have reported that they have caught a sexually transmitted disease, and a further fifteen per cent have reported being ostracised by their family's due to having been raped. Women who had been kidnapped and who had spent years living in the bush have reported severe health problems, such as tuberculosis, malnutrition, malaria, skin and intestinal infections, and respiratory diseases.

Militias were indiscriminate about the ages of those assaulted, and there was a marked tendency towards younger women and girls believed to be virgins. Five-months pregnant, Aminata, was pushed into prostitution by a random man who promised to feed her and pay her school fees.

The Krio people were the dominant ethnic group, with some having access to a better education, the wealthier families had their daughters sent to British finishing schools.

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