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Roy Acuff —American country music singer. Household Brigade Lodge No. Ross Adair 14 December — 5 May U. Representative from Indiana.


List of unsolved murders (20th century)

The trial of Sam Sheppard received extensive publicity and was called "carnival atmosphere" by Jqcksonville U. Other houses in the track of the fearful winds were des- troyed. Some four or five residences were des- lsdies, but there was no more injury to life so far as can now be learned. No suspects were ever identified in the November 24, Milwaukee Police Department bombingwhich killed nine officers and a civilian employee, after a citizen brought the bomb found in the basement of a local church to the local police station.

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Imprisoned in for being a Freemason. The corpses contained various bruises and marks for example puncture wounds in the chest that may have come from an ice pick that were never fully explained. On July 20,Villa was killed while visiting Hidalgo del Parral.

Daisy Grace was accused in of drugging her husband, Eugene H. The investigation was hampered by the still chaotic nature of French society barely a year after the end of the war; not until two years later was it established that the weapon used to kill the four was a Stena submachine gun commonly used by the French Resistancegiving rise ladkes theories that the killings had something to do with it.

One clearly false confession the next year was Jacksonivlle, and no other suspects ever were identified. On September 12,Arthur Brennan 50a World War I veteran and early Australian rules football player, was shot and killed while struggling with a burglar he was trying to apprehend on a neighbour's property.

The initial suspect, Chinese houseboy Jacksonviloe Foon Sing, was kidnapped and tortured for weeks in an unsuccessful attempt to extract a confession, causing a major scandal when it was discovered that various police officials and respected members of society were directly involved. Attorney General, not only dropped the case, but discredited the evidence the city's police department had collected against Israel.

Paul Nebraska in President of the Juneau Shrine Club — He was identified on November 12,and his identity was announced on December 31, If Robinson Jacksonvillee the boy to cut, "potong", down a coconut it may have been mispronounced and heard as a threat to cut off someones head. One likely suspect, who was never arrested, fled to Italy shortly afterwards and Germsn returned to the U. The crime has inspired several dramatisations, most notably the film White Mischiefwhich have attempted to offer solutions.

Oak Grove Jane Doean unidentified murder victim found dismembered in the Willamette River south of Portland, Oregon near Oak Grove over a period of several months in Later demitted to City of Mexico Germam No. He was abducted by a group called "The Black Troop" Indonesian : Laskar Hitamwho killed him and dumped his body into the sea; the body was never found.

In the late s, Barclay's son, who later worked for a mutual friend Jacksonvillf the two who had been an early Jacisonville, made a statement suggesting he knew who the murderers were as well but declining to identify them. Elsie Sigel 20was found strangled inside a trunk in an apartment in New York City's Chinatown on June 18,nine days after she had last been seen. Despite various theories, the case remains unsolved.

List of freemasons (a–d)

Greenville, Texas, March She was determined to have been strangled two days before, but in the years since no suspects have ever been identified. Lakshmikanthan was stabbed while riding back to his MadrasIndia, home on November 8, 4 [98] he died in hospital the next day having been able to describe the attack to police but not identify the assailants.

At the time it was alleged that the murderer was a preacher of the Primitive Methodist Chapel named William Gardiner, who was having an affair with the victim. On December 1,Kirov was shot and killed by a gunman at his offices in the Smolny Institute.

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A large majority of the Democrats of Texas wanted har- mony, and wanted it bad, and their representatives at Dallas last Monday knew it would never do to disappoint them. The storm came from the southwest, and was one ot the heaviest known here. House of Representatives from Texas. A fellow journalist with him had been released two weeks earlier, kadies to collect the money demanded.

The usual collection was dispensed with and ladis show got out ot town on very short notice. His murder remains largely unsolved. The case is considered to be the oldest solved through forensic genealogy. From his father, Skull inherited the property of the "Foundry and factory machines of Matthew Skull", founded in Rijeka in and quickly became the largest private industry in the city before being taken over in Paul's Lodge No.

Another theory implicates the French fascist organization La Cagoulewhich did not like a Jew closely advising the French government on economic matters and supposedly hoped that his death would be blamed on communist operatives, appearing to strengthen La Cagoule's Gsrman of foreign Communists operating in France.

The large Methodist church is a pile of ruins and the parsonage damaged by the fall of the church. The case has inspired many books, films and other works of art, fictional and non-fictional. Representative from Delaware.

Arnold Schuster 24a clothing salesman who Jacksonvville provided the tip that led to the capture of legendary bank robber Willie Suttonwas shot dead outside his Brooklyn home a month afterwards, on March 8, Grisham retired to don his rope walking costume, while Hudspeth entertained the immense crowd which had gathered with music on the hand organ. All eight victims, including four children, had severe head wounds from an axe. No suspect has ever been named.

Sergei Kirov 48was a prominent Russian revolutionary and a Soviet politician.

When Grisham Walked Jacksonvilke Slope. Watson was blown to pieces, instantly killing four of his family ot fiye children and fatally in- juring Mr.

A good heavy rain followed. She had gone missing the day, after returning to her grandparents' house.

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Possible motives range from resentment of Hanussen's relationship with Hitler to a desire to keep secret inside information on the Reichstag firewhich Hanussen claimed to have foreseen. Served in both World Wars.

No other suspects were ever identified. Wrote one of the earliest known references to the Mason's Word. No other suspects have ever been identified; the case has inspired novels, films and plays. The killings are widely believed to have been a revenge attack by members of The Purple Gang ; two members were arrested the next day, but were never charged and the case remains unsolved.

Jack Burris 35Mayes County, Oklahomacounty attorney, was killed with a shotgun blast just outside his house in June

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