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Casual encounters Bear

Casual encounters Bear

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However, our activity is met with wildlife activity. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has noticed a higher volume of calls this year due to wildlife encounters and sightings.


For more information, go to www. They also avoid humans altogether if they can, but spring is a very critical time of the year for them.

Being prepared for such encounters is more important than ever to keep people and property safe and to cultivate natural bear behavior. They will be hungry and actively looking for any kind of food, which makes surprise encounters more probable.

It may seem unnecessary to say, but wildlife in the park often has a magnetic charge for visitors. Be prepared to use any kind of object or weapon to hit the bear. On the contrary, when there is an encounter, the message must be clearer.

Hikers may also enjoy increased daylight and blooming vegetation. If one he toward you, scare it away see below. It sncounters needs to be stored properly.

Bears may think anything with a scent is food, from toothpaste and deodorant to empty ice chests. If the bear keeps up its aggressive act and advances towards you, it is time to use that bear spray. Spring: Time to enjoy a Hike, Safely!

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Most bear attacks on humans happen in surprise close encounters. If you manage to spray the bear, it is highly likely that it will run away, giving you time to leave the area. This is especially important during the spring, when the bears are attempting to recover from the lack of food they endured during the winter, and when they are protecting their young cubs that are born during the winter. This time, your message should be very assertive and very loud.

It might huff and pound the floor or even initiate a charge BBear which could well be a bluff charge. The Hungry Bear is Eating Me! At times we normally are. Just continue talking to the bear calmly, keep your eyes on the bear and move away from it without running.

Bear best practices: mdnr sees high volume of wildlife encounters and sightings - 9 & 10 news

Stay as still as possible, and make sure not to get up until you are certain that the bear has left the area. This is the last thing Casuxl want because it will put you at a disadvantage. Black bears are more easily deterred unless it is a mother trying to protect its cubs.

What if the Bear is Aggressive? Travel in groups.

It is now time to switch to survival mode. This is especially true when the bear looks aggressive.

National park ranger-approved tips for avoiding bear encounters

This means that the first step you must take to manage a bear encounter, is not to identify the kind of bear but actually to control your fear. Encounters with Black and Brown Bears Now that we explored what actions to avoid Caaual a bear encounter, it is important to understand what hikers should do if they encounter bears in the Bfar. The best indicator to tell one from the other is the size of the ears relative to the size of the head, and the presence or lack of a hump on the back.

You want the fluid to hit the bear and not you.

Bear best practices: mdnr sees high volume of wildlife encounters and sightings

Recreationists and people who work outdoors should always be prepared to handle a bear encounter. Spray bursts of 2 to 3 seconds each, and wait to see what the bear does between bursts. A brown bear cub and a black bear might be the same size. Fight fear and not the Bear Even if you know how to identify the type of bear you are dealing with in theory, in practice fear is likely to take over and cloud your judgement.

Stay big, stand up tall and never run from them. Hikers are not the only ones interested in all the vegetation that blooms around this time of the year.

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Remember to have the right equipment on you before Caaual go hiking. Travel in groups whenever possible and make casual noise, which can help alert bears to your presence. This is an extreme scenario which happens rarely. The person sustained serious bite wounds but is expected to recover. Therefore, it is important to increase your preparedness level during spring.

If you surprised the bear in the middle of your hike and the bear makes contact, chances are the bear is launching a defensive attack. Many hikers start heading to the trails more during this period of time when it is warmer and more comfortable for many to be outside.

At some point, its interest in you should wane, and unless you stand up too soon, it will leave the area. Just make sure you hike safely and stay away from bears! This means that hikers must take every step necessary to avoid surprising bears near the trails, and avoid tempting them with the smell of their trail mix. Be especially careful around creeks and in areas with dense brush.

However, our activity is met with wildlife activity.

Activities that are deliberately quiet or fast moving, such as hunting, mountain biking or trail running, put people at greater risk for surprising a bear. Grizzly bear populations continue to become denser and more widespread in Montana, increasing Bewr likelihood that residents and recreationists will encounter them in new places. Glacier and Yosemite national parks are popular destinations where officials are committed to keeping humans and bears separate and safe.

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