Yoga for Pregnant Women

Is it safe to do yoga while pregnant?. Basically, all kinds of low impact aerobic exercise, such as swimming and walking, safely carried by pregnant women. “Importantly, the exercise does not cause excessive fatigue,”. Well, if you want to try something different, yoga can be an option. Here are the questions being asked of the mom candidates about this Yoga for pregnant woman:

Is it safe to pregnant women do yoga?
Generally yes, unless your doctor stated otherwise. “Yoga includes exercises are relatively safe, as more focused on breathing exercises,” said dr. Ifsal. However, in the first trimester, pregnant women usually feel nauseous, and tended to decrease food intake, so you have to be extra careful. If you are not completely fit, wait until the pregnancy enters the 4th month.

Types of yoga are most suitable for pregnant woman?

Pre-natal yoga. This type of yoga is designed specifically to train the muscles of the uterus and pelvis, to support the development of the fetus and to prepare the body for childbirth.

What are the physical benefits of prenatal yoga?
Merging movements (asanas) and breathing (pranayama) in yoga shown to reduce various complaints during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the prospective mom usually does experience a variety of complaints such as pain in the waist and back, pain in joints, constipation and swelling in the legs. In some candidate mama, grievances felt even to disturb daily. Well, prenatal yoga movement can facilitate digestion and the body’s circulatory system.

Impact on the mind?
According Riana A. Singgih, a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor Yoga Institute, Pune, India, and the Light Yoga studio owner, Simprug, South Jakarta, controlled breathing during pregnancy can harmonize body and soul. How can? Controlled breathing facilitate the release of hormones that can cleanse the body of toxins. In addition, this breathing technique to train the mind to release the pent-up emotional impulse, such as stress, anxiety, and anger. By doing so, you are more calm and ready to face during pregnancy and childbirth.

Whether the fetus can also enjoy the benefits of yoga?
Yes I Do. Prenatal yoga movements designed specifically to train the muscles of the uterus, in order to support the movement of the fetus in the womb. By doing so, the fetus can develop and move to the optimum. Yoga also makes prospective mama more relaxed, and the condition is good for the fetus. Remember, when stressed, the body secretes the hormone cortisol. Not only harmful for the mother, these hormones can also interfere with the growth of the fetus.

Is it true that yoga can be beneficial to the process of childbirth?
Is Right! Yoga can train the pelvic floor muscles, in order to become stronger and more elastic. Blood circulation around the pelvic area is also more smoothly, making it easy to perform normal deliveries. With breathing exercises performed during yoga, you will get used to perform short and rapid breathing, as well as long and deep.

Long, deep breathing exercises to calm mama candidates to go through the pain in labor, as well as trigger the nervous system that facilitate the opening and stretching the vaginal wall. All of this is very beneficial for the delivery process.

When should I start yoga?
You need to let the body adapt to the changes that occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. If you have never done yoga before pregnancy, you should wait until the second trimester or at least until the nausea or dizziness began to decrease. If you are accustomed to doing yoga before pregnancy, continues to do since the beginning of pregnancy (unless you nausea or severe fatigue in the first few weeks).

What else needs to be considered?
Consult your gynecologist before start doing yoga regularly. Do yoga under the supervision of an instructor or in a special prenatal yoga class, so you get a briefing about the movement and correct breathing. If you had a miscarriage, wait until the pregnancy reaches 16 weeks and then you can yoga. Do not force the body to perform movements that actually makes you uncomfortable. So, learn to understand your limits. Good luck!

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