Wrong Way Eating can make Protruding belly

Having a slim and ideal stomach is everybody’s dream. Protruding belly made an appearance and made disturbed the confidence to be reduced.

Distended stomach is due to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Distended stomach could happen because we are lazy to exercise, or it could be due to the wrong diet. Some mistakes in the way we eat can make the stomach so bloated. Some eat the wrong way can make the stomach so bloated that:

1. Wrong mindset
Many people assume that it means that the diet should reduce or even avoid foods diet. When the diet does not mean you should avoid. Avoid fast foods can indeed make weight the body down, but can also quickly rise after you finish the diet program. For ideal weight, you need a balanced nutrition.

2. Overeating on weekends
Weekends are usually a lot of people are not able to control the size of the meal so that the amount of fat consumed increases. To avoid the addition will not excess calories and fat during the weekend, consider eating.

3. Eating large portions
Eating large portions require a longer process of digesting well. The best way is, when eating at home use a smaller plate and fill half the plate with vegetables, and the other quarter with protein. If you’re forced to eat at a restaurant, ask to take half of it home to prevent overeating.

4. Eating too fast
Eating too fast makes the process of digestion is reduced. Eating quickly also makes the body did not get a signal satiety. Therefore, provide at least 20 minutes to eat. To avoid overeating, first sit down and eat slowly

5. Skipping meals
Improper eating more so distended stomach is due to missed meals. Skipping meals will only make your metabolism process so chaotic. The body will accumulate more fat to cover the lack of nutrients. Therefore, eating is often not a problem, but with a reduced portion. When hungry, you can eat a light healthy snack such as a handful of nuts or cereal. Avoid eating at the 7 pm when metabolism is at its weak.

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