Women Headaches Causes

Understanding Headaches Causes in Woman

In addition to the symptoms of more advanced disease, the causes of mild headache in women can actually be classified into several types. The following are the common factors causing mild headaches in women, as summarized by the site livestrong.com

The first is menstruation. The fall in the amount of the hormone estrogen can drastically affect much on the stability of your physical health. One is to cause headaches. Usually this happens before or after menstruation. Moreover, several studies have also suggested that women who are menstruating are at risk of getting migraines or headaches 1.7 times greater.

The second factor is stress. Especially if you also do work that hard in a long time throughout the week. If this happens, and you happen to also have other problems that make you feel depressed and stressed, this can lead to bad effect on your body, one of which is to cause headaches.

The latter may not be your guess. However, weight gain can lead to headaches as well you know. Especially if your weight is not ideal. Underweight, or overweight is the same bad result for you. Because it is better to apply diet and a healthy lifestyle, so you avoid all physical disorder that can attack you.

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