What to do when his penis is just TOO big…

Normally we’d say you can never have too much of a good thing, but once you’ve experienced sex with a larger than average penis you’ll know that sometimes, you really can…The thing is, if your guy is larger than average (5.5 inches erect) by a lengthy margin or has a gargantuan girth, sex can be trickier than expected, but it doesn’t have to be!

What to do when his penis is just TOO big?

Knowing how to go about enjoying his gifted genitalia without hurting your own takes a bit of practice. There’s a few important things to know when you’re getting down to it so that you can make sure his penis gives you nothing but pleasure.
We talked to Annabelle Knight, Sex expert at Lovehoney for her advice on how to handle him when his penis is just too big.
So if you thought that your boyfriend’s oversized penis was a bad thing then think again. This advice will see you totally satisfied.

Never forget foreplay:

Foreplay has never been more important to your sex life than when your man’s penis is too big.
Most of the time women take a little longer to get fully aroused and ready for penetration than men and your levels of arousal are key to your enjoyment of sex – on an emotional and physical level. It just makes sense, if things aren’t a-flowin’, sex won’t be mind-blowin’.
Foreplay will naturally relax the muscles of your vagina and provide some natural lubrication to ease him in, so it will be much easier for him to enter you without hurting you.
So if you ever needed an excuse before – this is it now. Make sure that you’re relaxed and raring to go by him spending time on your hot spots with his tongue, fingers and lips.
But if this still isn’t enough to get you going, you might need to turn to our next tip. Also don’t be intimidated when your natural juices come and go, it’s totally natural. If you need a little extra help just reach for your new friend – KY Jelly.

Lube is your friend:

One of the top tips you can take on board is to make lubrication your bedroom companion. Gone are the days when lube was just a sticky mess in a weird tube. Now it’s the key to some OMG orgasms.
There are loads of lubes on the market and making use of a good lubricant is key to helping soften those blows.
Annabelle says: “Invest in some good quality lubricant. Most lubes only cost a fiver but they can make a real difference to your pleasure. A good lubricant will sensually hydrate you and soothe your skin. It will allow you to enjoy more sex if your man is well hung without feeling sore afterwards.”
When you’re ready to actually have sex then work in some lubrication to your foreplay. With lube in your hands, rub up and down his shaft to drive him wild while preparing him for entry.
He can also do the same to you and work in some extra lubrication as his penis teases around your clit and other areas.

Go slow:

Annabelle says for men with a long length, it’s crucial that they go slow.
“For most women, the problem they have with well-endowed men is when they have excessively long, rather than excessively fat, penises.
“As a basic rule, girth is good. If your guy has a lot of length, there is a chance that he can cause you pain by hitting your cervix during penetration which feels like a period pain and is not pleasant.”
So if you think that’s why your sex sessions cause you to get sore then make sure he takes his time.
“Guys should remember that they must not rush in like a bull in a china shop. Take your time and be gentle,” she says.
“Most of the nerves in a woman’s vagina from which we derive all our pleasure are in the first three inches and the G-spot is typically two inches into a woman’s vagina – so guys don’t need a lot of length to reach all the crucial area.”
Get him to work on that G-spot for a while and then as your enjoyment increases, you can try going deeper. Which brings us on to our next tip.
Perfect positions:
A big penis is not a bad thing as long as you know which positions are best for accommodating his package. The basic principle is to have as much control as you can, which means positions where you’re on top make for the best sex.
Annabelle says: “My favourite with a well-hung guy is when the girl goes on top. You use your thighs to control the levels of penetration – that way you get a good work-out at the same time. Great sex and toned thighs – what more could a girl ask for!”
“Another good position is on your knees – again here you are in control and can determine how far you lower yourself on to him,” she adds.
But obviously not everyone wants to hop on top so for all you girls who like it best lying down, Annabelle has a little tip.
“There is another trick you can do where the woman hooks her legs and ankles around her partner so that she is in control and can determine just how deeply he penetrates. The key is the woman being able to manipulate his behaviour so that it fits with her body.”

You can see step by steps of all the positions that are best for an XXL penis right here.

Find a position that suits you both. This is entirely up to you as a couple – talk to each other and experiment with various positions and you will soon work out which ones work best.
Despite all of this, Annabelle says that with simple communication no position is out of bound – in theory.
“You should both remember: no position is out of bounds, even doggy. Everything is workable if you are communicating well and responding to the wishes of your partner. The female body is pretty elastic and can accommodate guys of varying sizes.”
It’s just what works best for you and your partner so experiment and keep mixing up your positions until you find some that work for you both. Oh life can be so hard, we know…

Anal: Approach with caution

Anal sex and an 8-incher just spells out pain for us but it doesn’t for everyone. Lots of women enjoy anal sex with guys with big penises but one thing Annabelle does recommend is to go slow, even slower than usual.
“Go slowly and gently, especially when you are first trying it out. You definitely need to be relaxed to enjoy good anal sex,” she explains. As well as this, just remember that trusty lube. Anal sex without good lubricant just spells for disaster.
“It is worth remembering that your anus has no real natural lubricants – unlike the vagina. You need a lubricant, which is going to stick, cover a wide area and stay on while you are having sex,” she adds.
“Don’t be defeatist. There isn’t a sexual problem in the world that cannot be overcome with understanding and good communication.”
So just make sure your partner is aware of your needs and you’re aware of his and you both should be able to enjoy a happy, healthy sex life.
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