Water; top 10 benefits for body

1. Forming cells and body fluids
Water plays an important role in the body. Imagine, most of the human body consists of water. If we are short of water, it will interfere with the body’s systems work.

This fluid is required for substances such as blood, gastric fluid, hormones, enzymes and so on. The water is also present in the muscle and muscle tone so useful maintain muscles are able to contract.

2. Regulating body temperature
Produce hot water, absorbs and dissipates heat through the body so as to keep the body temperature remains stable. Through the production of sweat which is largely made up of water and salt, the water can make the body temperature becomes cooler.

3. solvent

Water dissolves more nutrients and helps the process of digestion. Water can quickly pass through the small intestine and most of the absorbed.

Well, the water also serves to facilitate the process of human waste expenditure. Therefore, if we rarely take the course defecation (BAB) so it is not smooth.

4. Lubricants and bearings

Water also serves as a lubricant or lubricant in the form of joint fluid which allows joints to move properly. Water also serves as a vibration-resistant pads on the body tissues, such as the brain, eyes, and uterus.

5. media transport

Water consists of hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, therefore it serves to be a means of transport in the body. He will carry vital substances such as vitamins, minerals, calcium entry of food and then distributed throughout the body.

6. Detoxification (Removal of toxins)

The human body produces toxins from the remnants of food that enters the body. Well, these toxins can be removed through the urinary tract (to urinate), gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, and skin, which requires the media, namely water.

Wow, that’s a lot of water function and is essential for the body. If so, please do not hesitate to drink lots of water, well that is always a healthy body.

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