Water Birth Benefits for mother and baby

Benefits of water birth for mother and baby

Benefits of water birth

Benefits of water birth For Mother & Baby

The process of giving birth in water or water birth is not as popular as conventional birth, this is because Water birth requires trained medical personnel, the hospital must have a special maternity pool (birth pool). The sterility of the water need to be considered so as not to cause an infection in the mother and baby were born.

Water Birth Benefits for mothers:

Health experts in the field acknowledge that the gynecologists gave birth in the water has advantages over other delivery method. Mom will feel more relaxed because all the muscles associated with childbirth becomes elastic. This method will also facilitate the process of straining. So the pain during labor was not feeling. In the process of opening of the birth canal water will run faster.

Water Birth Benefits For babies:

Reduce the risk of injury to the baby’s head.
Although it has not done in-depth research, but health experts believe that being born with this method allows the baby to be a higher IQ than babies born with other methods.
Baby’s blood circulation gets better, so that the body will be quickly flushed after the baby was born.


There are 2 methods of water birth

Pure water birth. Mother came into the labor pool after an opening 6 to childbirth occurs.
Emulsion water birth. Mom just be in the pool until the end of the contraction period. Birthing process is still being done in bed.

Risk of Water Birth

  • Water birth has a possibility of swallowing pool water by baby. This condition causes the process requires the help of a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, as well as child specialists who will check immediately at birth. So if there is an interruption can be directly detected and addressed.
  • Hypothermia or body temperature too low could be experienced if the birth mother last longer than time estimate.
  • Infants at risk of temperature shock if the water temperature is not the same as the temperature of the mother in childbirth is 37 degrees Celsius.

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