Want Satiety Stomach but not Fat, This How!

Satiety is the feeling of satisfaction or fullness in the stomach after eating. Psychological and social conditions influence also strongly influences what, when, and how much you eat. Boredom, stress, and sadness can also affect appetite. Then if satisfied that always makes you fat ?

Before answering these questions, you should first understand the following explanation.

Are You Really Hungry ?
Hunger is caused by three things, decreasing blood sugar is stored, an empty stomach, and aroma of food. The brain needs 20 minutes to receive messages about what is happening in the stomach (hunger and satiety).

Well, to find out if you are really hungry you should drink several glasses of water before eating, due to dehydration of the body which can also trigger hunger. This will prevent you from eating blindly and greedily.

One other thing that is not less important, you also need to know some foods that keep you full longer. So, you can avoid the risk of obesity due to drink more calories accumulate or hoard fat.

Here are 4 important nutrients that can help you fuller for longer :

1. proteins
Protein is more satiating than carbohydrates or fats. Enter the protein in each of your diet like eggs, either boiled eggs or omelets at breakfast, fish, milk and yogurt.

2. complex carbohydrates
Complex carbohydrates sugar levels stable because they contain complex sugar molecules and quickly digested. This makes the body to have energy for longer periods because blood sugar levels are not increased or decreased significantly.

Complex carbohydrates also stimulate serotonin in the body, ie, compounds that control emotion and appetite as well.

Examples of foods containing complex carbohydrates in them, brown rice, wheat and dairy, potatoes, and much more.

3. Good Fat
When dieting, your body still needs fats ( good fats ). Good fats in the diet can stimulate hormones that helps dieters feel full longer. Sources of healthy fats can be obtained from fish, grains, or beans. The food can also be consumed as a snack menu.

4. Add Fiber
Add to this fiber-rich foods such as cereals, vegetables, and fresh fruits in your breakfast menu. Foods rich in fiber can help you full faster, while helping to improve the health of the digestive while dieting. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits in the diet and get important nutrients.

Those are some ways that you can try in order to keep your stomach full while dieting. So, if satisfied that fattening ? As long as you understand the above process, and how to keep the stomach remains full, it is full will not fattening.

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