Vomiting Health benefits

So far, vomiting synonymous with disease that must be stopped. In fact, it’s not all bad throw. Vomiting can be divided into two, namely vomiting unintentional and intentional vomiting. Vomiting that can occur when we are feeling sick, eating foods / drinks that are not suitable for our digestion, poisoning, or even because of nausea after seeing someone else’s vomit. The deliberate vomiting conducted primarily to maintain a healthy body.

Vomiting is one of the ten things that should be removed from the body by Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jauziyah in his book Zad al-Ma’ad. Thus, we should not stop vomiting if it felt like vomiting unless excessive vomiting frequency.

Vomiting is one of the methods used by the body to remove mucus from the body that interfere with the digestive and respiratory systems. This method is often used by experts gurah to the patient. Maintain health by doing more suited vomiting during hot weather, for example in the summer (in the 4 seasons) or in the dry season. Hot weather tends to draw the mucus making it easier to remove. When the weather is cold, the mucus in the body will experience freezing making it difficult to ride / expelled through vomiting. When mucus can not be expelled through vomiting, then the mucus excreted through feces.

Ideally, vomiting needs to be put in once a month during hot weather. Vomiting is best done in the middle of the month hijriyah, for example at 13-15 hijriyah, because at times the moon is full and the weather is at its hottest. If the vomiting is still deemed less completely finished (it still feels no mucus), vomiting can be done back in the next day. To avoid excessive vomiting because he saw his own vomit, vomiting can be done by closing your eyes and get rid of it before it opened my eyes.

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