Vitamin E Health Benefits

Vitamin E Other Benefits for Health

Vitamin E has countless benefits for humans:
– Increase endurance ,
– Reduce stress ,
– Prevent the occurrence of cancer ,
– Help fertility and
– Prevent the occurrence of heart disease .
Vitamin E is more widely developed for skin care ingredients . Because of its benefits to the skin , among others, to protect from UV rays , keeping the skin moist and prevent premature aging of the skin .

Sources of Food Containing Vitamin E

Fruits Containing Vitamin E

What are the fruits that contain vitamin E ? fruits such as avocado , sunflower seeds , tomatoes . For the consumption of vitamin E daily fulfillment of the easiest was to consume avocado or tomato. How much should a daily consumption of avocado? Note that avocado contains vitamin E of 3.4 mg/100 g . While the recommended consumption of blood is 10mg to 30 mg of vitamin E in the blood . 
So as to meet the daily consumption , you can buy an avocado with a weight of 500 gr each to get 17 mg of vitamin E. Or if you want to be lower , you can consume as much as 300 mg of an avocado and obtain 10.2 mg of vitamin E, which is needed in the blood. For compliance with consumption of tomatoes there are two types . 
Namely the use of fresh tomatoes and tomatoes are already a seasoning for consumption can be as much as 82.39 % seasoning . Noteworthy for daily spice consumption using more tomatoes than fresh fruit , then look at the comparison of the composition of tomato fruit flavoring . Try to do contain the proper dose for daily consumption to avoid shortage of vitamin E in the body .

Vegetables Containing Vitamin E

Vegetables that can be eaten every day to meet your daily vitamin E needs . For vegetables that contain vitamin E are vegetable that has a dark green like the green spinach . While the full combination of similar cabbage , broccoli , cabbage , cauliflower will greatly help with the anti-cancer benefits of phytochemical components . Then you can also consume nuts such as hazelnuts , pea has a function phytosterols that help in lowering the risk of cancer , lower blood cholesterol , and increase immunity .
Hazelnuts or walnuts contains two types of vitamin E. Namely alpha – tocopherol and gamma – tocopherol that work in synergy . If you want a more simple , sweet potatoes can also complete the need for vitamin E you need each day .
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