Vegetables that Can Overcome Asthma

Vegetables are an important role to maintain body condition. Everyone though that people in good health should still consume vegetables, no need to wait for the pain in advance to eat the vegetable. Try to eat vegetables every day.

Eat vegetables every day will meet the needs of vitamins and fiber to the body of any person. In addition to meeting the needs of vitamins and fiber to every day, someone who might have symptoms of chronic diseases such as asthma, by consuming vegetable every day this will give a good effect for respiratory tract health someone who suffered from asthma.

According to there is some type of vegetable which has a good effect for patients with asthma. The first is the shoots of broccoli. The buds of broccoli cooked in the usual forms stir-fry, could add antioxidants, as well as to prevent the occurrence of inflammation of respiratory tract exists.

There is also another green vegetables, spinach. This Parrot has many nutrients and commonly referred to as vegetables that can prevent the onset of asthma in child kandunagn mother who is pregnant.

One of the types of spices are always put in the fried rice, garlic. This gives the effect of garlic either with preventing an enzyme in the body that can prevent the occurrence of inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Although these vegetables are not hard to find, this vegetable has turned out many important functions for treating chronic diseases such as asthma.
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