Using Exercise as the Tool to Fight toward Mental Health Problem

Using Exercise as the Tool to Fight toward Mental Health Problem
Mental health nursing could be improved through exercising. This activity is not only good for your body, but it is also good for your mind. There are a lot of people feel suffer from anxiety and depression problems that have a good response to exercise. 

Simply by moving your body for 10 minutes every day of our mental health will increase rapidly.

In addition, the power of thought will grow clear and uplifting can reduce stress and tension alias create the feeling of being cheerful always. According to the expert, exercise can nourish our mental.

Exercise reduces stress

Every normal human being has experienced stress or tension. Is the stress due to economic problems such as inflation or devaluation, the association problem or breakdown of the marital relationship, affairs office that was never completed, the final exam to be faced, wrong decisions that have been taken or may hesitance to take a decision.

All human beings have experienced stress; and you must know how to handle it! Many JV disease, despair, and even sudden death due to stress!

How you can avoid stress? Turns olaraga can help you to cope with stress. How Do? For that we need to see how the muscles work that we have. Exercising can help us reduce anxiety liver and can even against anger.

The reason is, that the heart of our work at the time of exercise, the concentration of the mind will not be automatically focused on your work again. Besides can be distracting, aerobic routine can also increase cardiovascular endurance, so that later we can be not overreacting to a problem. Activities that have proved effective in the fight against brain strain is aerobic sorts walking, cycling, swimming, jogging and yoga.

Based on the research by North Lincolnshire Mental Health Service, it has been proven that more than 80 percent of mentally ill people found that they will have a better mood by doing exercise. Well, it can be said that exercise is a tool to make someone feels better rather than to be a cure of mental health problems. 

The theory related to exercise stated that it can increase in self – esteem, serotonin and endorphin levels, social interaction, distraction toward life problem and better physical health.

Using Exercise as the Tool to Fight toward Mental Health Problem

Using Exercise as the Tool to Fight toward Mental Health Problem


Why exercising could beneficial for mind and health?

  1. Exercise could make a person have a better body shape. It means that they can feel better because the person will look good the way other people look and it will boost their self – esteem. Self – esteem itself connected to depression. Less of self – esteem will make people easy to feel down because they do not look good. Whereas, high self – esteem of course will lead to the healthy mind and healthy body.
  2. It is true that exercise could increase the serotonin levels in the brain because your body will release chemical after sustaining physical activity which then this hormone will be important as the neurotransmitter and helps the brain do its function. Of course, you will stay away from any mental health problem.
  3. Exercise will help social interaction to be better because you will take the form of group activities and even doing social settings which could bring your mood up. You can get out from your house and meet other people so that it can combat any mental health disorders such as feeling isolation and loneliness.
  4. Distraction could be found through exercise in a temporary way. It is true that healthy distraction could be a good way to shift every problems in your mind.
  5. Exercise in a regular way will increase your stamina and leads to the healthier body so that you can feel good because your body feels the same.
Researches have been shown more beneficial things you can get from doing exercise. It produces antidepressant effect after exercising. However, it should not be a cure for mental illness since exercise does not warrant the discontinuation of prescription medication. Remember that mental health condition could be serious so that exercise is just the tool as mental health medicine. See more How to Apply Diet Program through Healthy Baby Food
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