Treatments on How to Cure Lazy Eye Baby

Treatments on How to Cure Lazy Eye Baby

Lazy eye baby or known well as Amblyopia is commonly happened where one eye is weaker than the other which means that the stronger eye will compensate for the weaker eye. It could be said that this condition will lead the brain disregarding about the image of lazy eye sees. 

Instead, there is still a hope for you to reduce degeneration and makes the weaker eye becomes stronger especially if amblyopia corrected when the child is under 10 year old. Well, there is still a chance so keep read on this article to get more about how to cure lazy eye. 

Treatments on How to Cure Lazy Eye Baby

Treatments on How to Cure Lazy Eye Baby


What is the first action to deal with lazy eye baby?

Lazy eye baby could be handled by first visiting optometrist. It is better for you to make an appointment as the beginning with the eye doctor since it is necessity in order to diagnose about the problem of lazy eye and even prescribe the child eye glasses. 

You can help the child wearing the glasses all the time which could be helpful because it helps strengthen the weaker eye. For two or three hours per day, make sure that you put a patch over to the stronger eye. In this case to make it stronger, the child must use the eye that affected by amblyopia. If it is possible for you to see a doctor, ask about atropine eye drops. 

It has been proven that research found that 30 percent possibility to get a better vision in the affected eye could occur if children using the drop and the patch. Make sure that your child use it regularly. Related to use atropine, however it must be reviewed before the treatment because there are some side effects in line with atropine usage for Amblyopia treatment.

What other things you can do to get rid of lazy eye baby?

Lazy eye baby could be finished by surgery. This is an option for children that has other physical problems so that it is better for you to ask the doctor about surgery decision in order to avoid any healthy risk. If the patch worn at school by the child, however there is a big risk about bullying so that make sure the patch used only at home. 

Remember that you left the eye with amblyopia being untreated, it could degenerate and even cause functional blindness to the affected eye as the Infant eye problem. See more The Best Ways Doing Menopause Herb Medicine

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