Traditional Medication: Health Benefits of Handeuleum

the benefits of handeuleum

health benefits of handeuleum

Handeuleum (Leaves Wungu), (Graptophylum pictum Griff) is a medicinal plant which is very popular among ASEAN society especially Indonesia, handeuleum nutritious treat hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) or hemorrhoid.

Purple leaf is also efficacious as anti-inflammatory, antiplaque teeth, and prevent pain when menopause. Hemorrhoids or Hemorrhoid is a disease characterized by the swelling or enlargement of veins in the lowest part of the shaft intestine, both on the inside and the outside of the anus.

The disease is characterized by the appearance of a bump as red blotches bluish or blackish. There are two types of hemorrhoids are commonly known, the hemorrhoids (internal hemorrhoids) and external hemorrhoids (external hemorrhoids). Hemorrhoids can be caused by not eating enough fiber. This resulted in difficult bowel movements (constipation)

Handeuleum Morphology :

Trunk: The trunk is purple, the stem cross-section triangular shaped blunt approach.
Trunk: Erect, small size and height of 3 meters only.
Leaves: leaves that have a structure located position vis-a-vis
Flowers: 1 Stackable in a series of dark red cluster.

Purple leaf plants contain chemical constituents among others. Non toxic alkaloids, flavonoids, glikosid, steroids, saponins, tannins, calcium oxalate, formic acid and fatty. With a variety of chemical content of leaves have purple as anti-inflammatory properties, laxative urine, accelerates ripening ulcers, mild laxative, skin softener feet, soften feaces, and deflates the hemorrhoids.

Handeuleum (Wungu leaves) (Griff pictum Graptophylum)
Plants is part of Acanthaceae familia. Can be found growing wild in lowland or as an ornamental ..
Other names: Leaves Wungu

Handeuleum contains: substance tannins, alkaloids, glycosides sitosterol

Health Benefit of Handeuleum

  • For the treatment of constipation: Boil 7 Handeuleum leaves with 2 cups of water until the water half. Drink once in the morning.
  •  For hemorrhoid treatment: 15 Handeuleum leaves, turmeric finger sons of my mother, a little palm sugar boiled with 4 cups of water until the water half. Filter. Drink 2x a day, each 1 cup.
  • For ulcer treatment: Some Handeuleum leaves washed and finely ground. Apply to a boil.
  • For the treatment of fever due to dirty belly: 7 Handeuleum leaf, 5 slices of ginger boiled in a glass of water. Filter. 1x drink a day.
  • For the treatment of gallstones: 7 Handeuleum leaves, some leaves veins boiled with 2 cups of water until the water half. This potion to drink 2x a day.
  • To smoothen menstruation: Handful Handeuleum flowers and dried leaves, boiled with 4 cups of water. Drink like we drink tea 3 times a day. Note: Should be taken before menstruation.
  • For treatment of bruises from the impact: Bark Handeuleum finely and place in the swelling.
  • Rheumatism treatment: A handful of leaves Handeuleum washed and crushed. Apply on the affected part.
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