Top 7 Natural Way to Heal Fever

Did you know, there are approximately 200 viruses that can attack the body if you are being sick with a fever. However, actually you can handle yourself and ward off the hundreds of viruses. How to do that?  Find out top 7 natural way to heal fever.

Take a Rest
When the body feels uncomfortable, you should not come to work permits and resting at home. Because too much activity sometimes can actually make the fever worse.

Vitamin C
If fever symptoms begin to appear, immediate consumption of vitamin C. In this way, the body’s immune system will increase and you can avoid the attack of fever.

Vicks VapoRub
Some products Vicks VapoRub is very helpful to recover the body of a fever. For instance inhaler or vaporizer that can warm the body when the fever attack.

Warm water bath
Warm bath is the next natural way to treat fever. In addition to comfortable and keep your body relaxed, the steam from the warm water will launch breathing during fever.

Honey lemon tea
The most appropriate beverage enjoyed when your fever is honey lemon tea. The combination of these three were able to make them fast fever because all rich in antioxidants high.

Cough syrup
Is fever accompanied by a cough ? There is no harm in drinking cough syrup. All the symptoms of cough with phlegm, dry, or sneezing usually go missing with the drug.

Drink Water
When sick with a fever, it is important for you to stay hydrated. So do not forget to meet the needs of body fluids by drinking water as much as possible.

Those are some natural ways to treat fever. We wish you a speedy recovery !

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