Top 10 Common Causes of Pregnant Difficult

General Information About Causes of Difficult Women Pregnant – Infertility In women themselves are usually influenced by ovulation problems. Having offspring is the desire of every couple. But not all couples can easily get a child. Difficulty in getting this baby has a strong link with fertility husband or wife.

Basically fertility can be determined by genetic factors to lifestyle factors and habits that are not healthy and thus affects the organ – the reproductive organs.

In fact, a study in the USA found that fertility problems in modern pair is not always a matter of genetics, but about 10 to 15% factors of unhealthy lifestyle took part. The following are some of the main causes why a pregnant woman is very difficult.

Top 10 Common Causes of Pregnant Difficult

1.    The older age of woman, then she will be more difficult to obtain offspring. Women aged over 40 years the number of eggs produced will be lower and if it could become pregnant, the risk of miscarriage also will be higher.
2.    Unhealthy lifestyle affects a woman’s fertility. Women who have the habit of smoking, consumption of medications – certain medicines, and foods high in fat tend to be more difficult to obtain offspring.
3.    Women who are suffering from cancer and undergoing a series of treatment processes have a tendency to cure infertility. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy will affect the female reproductive organs or render it infertile men and normal.
4.    Women who have thyroid problems usually also experience problems with fertility.
5.    Some operations in the past have ever done especially appendicitis and pelvic surgery can increase the risk of infertility. Operation – the operation will disrupt the smooth tubes so that the egg journey becomes inhibited and consequently would be difficult to pregnant women.
6.    Ovarian damage can also lead to women becoming pregnant difficult. Ovaries can be damaged due to surgery performed in the past as a result of a cyst. Surgery to remove the cyst on the ovary may interfere with ovulation process which makes it difficult for women to be able to get a descent.
7.    Other health problems that can interfere with a woman in order to obtain offspring is endometriosis. Endometriosis is a medical disorder of the uterus where there is uterine tissue that grows and develops outside the womb itself. Health problems will affect the performance of the female reproductive organs and disrupt the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, and may even interfere with sperm function that makes.
8.    Impaired production of abnormal androgen hormone or also called Polikstik Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can cause fertility problems in women. These health problems will interfere with the process of ovulation and disrupt the menstrual cycle each month, causing the woman becomes less fertile.
9.    Damage to the fallopian tubes or also called tube can cause a woman to be difficult to get descent. Disturbances in this tube can be caused by several things, and which are due to an inflammatory disease of the back, ectopic postoperative health problems, or because of a disease that is sexually transmitted chlamydia.
10.    Radiation and matter in the gene can trigger early menopause in women. as we have seen, this menopause occurs in women at the age of about 50 years. In this condition the menopause the female reproductive organs had stopped functioning and stop producing egg cells. Cessation of egg production at a young age will cause a woman to be difficult to obtain offspring.
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