Tips to Avoid Cervical Cancer

Primary prevention can be done with as much as possible to prevent contact with HPV. To that end, health workers, people driving change, and all women should better understand the causes, risk factors, transmission, and symptoms. HPV vaccination is also highly recommended when girls aged nine to 12 years. At the age of antibodies formed. Vaccination can still be given until the age of 55 years. “This vaccine can last up to 20 years,” said Fitriyadi.

Secondary prevention is done by undergoing screening, the early detection and treatment of precancerous. One way is by early detection of visual inspection with acetic acid ( VIA). With the VIA will be observed abnormalities in the cervical epithelium ( cells that line the cervix ). These tests include detection method is cheap and simple. However, the results can be accounted for in order to detect early cervical cancer. ” Every women at risk of cervical cancer screening so she must do IVA despite vaccination, ” said Fitriyadi.

While doing an IVA, health professionals will apply a three percent acetic acid to the cervix. In a moment will be observed the results. If signs are white in the cervix, cervical cancer patients positive meaning. ” Accuracy by IVA capable of about 80 to 90 percent, ” he said. In addition to the IVA, pap – smear is also widely used for early detection. The way different from the IVA. Health workers trained to take samples of cervical cells, and then clicking analysis.

Meanwhile, tertiary prevention is done with care to patients who had positive cancer, rehabilitation, and palliative care. Patients with positive cervical cancer, cryotherapy should get immediate treatment. Once visible cancer cells, the cells should be shot with cryotherapy method. ” The most effective method is done right in Indonesia, ” She says, adding other treatment can be done for colonoscopy, biopsy, and conization.

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