Tips on How to Avoid Stress in The Morning

Many of us are often rushed in the morning in preparation to go to work or school. Actually does not have to be like this. With a good bit of time management, this can be avoided.

Here are 10 steps to reduce your stress levels in the morning:

1 – Make preparations at night on a regular basis.
Prepare the clothes you want to wear tomorrow, do not put locks the motor / car carelessly – put it in a special place, plan your breakfast with a menu that is nutritious, and so on. – These simple measures I think it will not take you more than half an hour every night and I’m sure this will reduce most of you every morning grogginess.

2 – Plan what you will do.
Every night, write down important agenda tomorrow you should do a full day. – When you write, keep the feeling of fear that haunts your mind: what if this, what if that. – Write it down your plans and what time you will do it.

3 – Remove immediately annoying things you already know.
If your alarm clock sound terrible, your electric razor often injure the skin, car / bike you hard-started in the morning … immediately correct and eliminate the factors that cause this stress from your life. – If you already know these things often annoying you, there is no reason for you to delay fixing the problem.

4 – A good break at night.
Make sure you get enough sleep every night. – Determine what time you will start to get into your bedroom. – The recommended amount of sleep for adults is 7 hours a day. – If possible, set the temperature of your bedroom, do not let you sleep in a state of cold or heat. – Good room temperature is between 18-25 degrees Celsius.
If you drink coffee, set the time to drink your coffee. – Be careful not to consume too late, so you may have difficulty sleeping at night. – The effects of caffeine from coffee to work after 5-6 hours you consume.

5. – Wake up ½ hour earlier.
½ hour of time can make a striking difference between the morning you live in peace or in a hurry. – As long as you have adequate rest time, waking up half an hour earlier is not that difficult and you will get used in the next few days. – Use a ½ hour to relax your muscles, a warm bath, breakfast quietly and do other things beyond expectations.

6 – Drink a glass of water after waking up.
Our body is composed of 60-70% liquid. – So water is a very important component and you should not be exposed to dehydration (lack of fluids). – If you dehydrate then your blood will coagulate and this has resulted in your heart to pump blood 2x harder. – The effect you can be exposed to both mental and physical fatigue.
When you sleep longer at night, your body will dehydrate, so it is important when you wake up, you immediately drink lots of water.

7 – Perform relaxation of your muscles for 5-10 minutes in the morning.
Do you feel a little staggered when you wake up? Do not panic, this is normal. – All you have to do is to help your blood flow, as the transition from a state of rigid body after you sleep. Perform relaxation, relaxation as you pull your hands up and move it left and right, pull your knees, tiptoe, etc.. – (I’m sure you know the basic movements of gymnastics in the morning). – You can also do sit-ups or push-ups if you want.

8 – Listen to music and warm water wash.
Music can affect the mind in a positive way, so that will motivate you. – Choose songs that make you feel cheerful and excited while you do the morning commute. While taking a warm bath is an experience that can make you feel calm in the morning and make your body into lightly.

9 – Clean up your incorrect where you live.

Arrange placements of goods in your home such that you know exactly where the location of your belongings. – Put back in place the items that you already use. – So if you want to use it, you do not need to search here and there that can make you become stressed.

10 – For those of you who drive a car / motorcycle, do not come home with a nearly empty gas conditions.
Refuel after you complete the trip is not that hard, was it? But why do so many people put off? Maybe for some reason want to get home or condition your body is already very tired so lazy to stop by the gas station.
With a flurry in the morning plus you have to stop by in advance to the gas station, you may be too late to start your activities, and of course this is not a good start. Always check your vacancy rates of fuel on the way home and fill your fuel immediately.

Life is very short, organize your time effectively. – Maybe there will be some exceptions, but the ten steps above will help you cope with most of the stress in the morning

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