Threads Planting for healthy and tighten skin face

Get Beauty, Healthy and Tighten Skin Face With Benefits of threads Planting

Threads Planting benefits

Threads Planting benefits

New Tricks to Tighten Face: threads planting – Some people will do botox injections or laser to remove wrinkles quickly. Now, there are new ways to get skin tight, ie by incorporating yarn into the skin.

Treatment named Triple Maxilift claimed to tighten and reshape sagging facial contours. How, by incorporating yarn into the skin. This method combines three facials at once. Namely, redifining thread, autocell threadlift and biotrandemal therapy.

“The interesting thing about this method is that autologous stem cell stem cells taken from the patient’s own blood, so it minimizes the occurrence of allergies and disease transmission,” said dr. Ingrid, specialist beauty of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic.

The method uses two types of threads in treatment. The first thread of polylatic glycoli acid and acid. a cone form yarn, which can produce a more powerful firming effect. The second thread is made of polidyoxanone. The yarn used normally made for a cesarean section has the function of tightening the parts acupoints. Could be an alternative for those who want to tighten skin without surgery or botox.

Although this treatment is claimed to be very little risk, there are still things that need to be considered.

Women who have an infection on the face, such as excessive acne treatments are not allowed to do this. Because of this, the doctor will usually treat the patient’s illness first before Triple Maxilift done.

There are also restrictions that must be considered after treatment. New patients are allowed to clean his face three hours after the regeneration process. Patients were also forbidden to perform other facial treatments, such as facials, facial acupressure, and massage within 2 weeks after the treatment is done.

“For patients who suffer from hypertension or were taking blood-thinning medication, you should first stop treatment three days before and three days after treatment,” said dr. Ingrid.

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