This is 5 Myths Damaged a Healthy Lifestyle

Weak body easily infected with various diseases is a condition that many people avoid. To prevent this, one does not hesitate to run a healthy lifestyle including diligent consumption of vegetables, fruits, and exercise.

Even so, there are some myths that are popular and often believed lay society. This myth can damage healthy lifestyle lived. The following explanation nutrition expert, Tim Crowe of the Academy of Nutrition at Deakin University.

1. Exercise caused a person to eat more.
This myth eventually cause someone to think exercise will promote weight loss, as a result of intake consumed. Yet according to Tim, the exercise will shed unneeded fatty deposits in the body. Various research proves, the sport is the best way to reduce fat in the body. The more one moves, the less reserves of fat in the body.

2. Food without the calories burn more energy.
Almost no food in the world that does not contain calories. ” Even a piece of celery with a dominant content of the water, still contains some carbohydrates kilojoules. Usually about 65 kilojoules, ” says Tim.

Tim explains the body requires energy to process food. The need is the same as the energy content in intake. In the end the amount of incoming energy equal to the exit.

3. Slow metabolism caused weight gain.
Some blame a slow metabolism as the cause of the failure of the diet. Yet according to some research, slow metabolism requires several kilojoules of energy deposits in the body. Thus, a slow metabolism tend to increase the energy expenditure of the body.

This is what happens when the weight increase due to fatty deposits. At that time, the body requires more muscle to support the load. The conclusion is that more muscles are formed, the higher the metabolic rate despite having a rest.

4. Sports as hard as possible.
To burn fat a person should exercise at a low to moderate intensity. ” Low to moderate intensity burn more fat by percentage. While high intensity in units of kilojoules burn fat more. Intensity low to help increase weight loss and fat burning, although it takes longer, ” said Tim.

5. Smoking and body weight.
A myth says, do not smoke resulted in an increase in weight. In fact, heavy smokers more susceptible to weight gain than light smokers. According to Tim, the image of skinny smokers because owners often exhibit such behavior. Though smoking facilitate weight gain, compared to non-smokers.

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