This decision makers of the brain

lateral habenula is a part of human brain to make a decision

Researchers from the University of British Columbia found a part of the brain that is very important to you. Part of the brain called the lateral habenula this helps you to decide a crucial decision.

Research reported from this using a mouse as a research material. Then the researchers manipulate the mouse brain to turn off part of the lateral habenula. After the rats were placed in a maze. The results of these rats can not decide which direction to its path to find a way out.

The study then led researchers to conclude that the same will be experienced by humans. If the system of lateral habenula ( LHB ) they are interrupted by an illness or a specific virus that attacks the brain, then the man can not decide anything right.

Therefore, keep your brain health. Eating healthy foods for the brain to keep the brain and remain productive can keep you from impaired brain function.

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