This 7 Minutes Exercise Equals Long Distance Running

If you do not have enough time to exercise, it could not hurt to try a type of high – intensity exercise intervals for 7 minutes. Exercise lasted seven minutes is claimed to have high effectiveness because it proved to provide equal benefits to long distance running and weight training.

Besides short, this exercise does not require a lot of tools. You only need a chair, a wall, and little time to spare. However, the researchers warned, though only seven minutes, you should be ready to bear the pain to get maximum benefit.

In addition, for those who have cardiac dysfunction or disease, this practice is not recommended. Very wise before attempting this exercise, you first consult with your doctor to avoid things that are not desirable.

The experts publish this exercise in an article entitled High – Intensity Circuit Training Using Body Weight : Maximum Results With Minimum Investment published American College of Sports Medicine Health & Fitness.

This high intensity workout consists of 12 types of movement can be done in 7 minutes.

” What matters is the intensity of a workout in the movement to make the body more healthy. The higher the intensity, of the time needed to exercise a little more, ” said Chris Jordan, director of the Exercise Physiology of the Human Performance Institute in Orlando.

These exercises include several movements such as jumping with legs closed and open ( jumping jacks ), sitting against a wall, push ups, sit ups, squats, up and down the seat, push- ups using a chair upside down, and push- ups spinning.

Previous research proved, the maximum intensity exercise produces changes in the same molecule with several hours of cycling. Changes in muscle molecule is what gives the equivalent effect on the body workout routine a few hours.

Even so, researchers warned to keep doing the rest at each stage. This interval is useful as a recovery period of muscle and body parts are used during training.

To obtain maximum benefit, this very intensive training should follow with very short rest periods in each interval. Jordan said that, every 10 seconds interval is filled break.

In each set of exercises, the muscles are not trained are given time to “catch breath “, so it is important to do the exercises every move sequentially. Each exercise each stage requires a very short time is 30 minutes.

If you want to get the best results, Jordan recognizes this exercise should be done with a lot of power drain and uncomfortable conditions. When created discomfort scale of 1 to 10, it requires that the exercise is done in figure 8. Therefore, seven minutes is very very excruciating for those not familiar.

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