The Benefits of Snakehead Fish or Channa Striata

Snakehead Fish or Channa Striata is a kind of predatory fish that live in fresh water. This fish is known by many names, The land fish big enough, can grow to reach a length of 1 m. Big-headed snake head somewhat depressed similar (up called snakehead), with large scales on the head. Gilig elongated rounded body, such as missiles. Elongated dorsal fin and caudal fin rounded at the end.

The sides of the body – from head to tail – dark, dark brown or greenish. The down side of a white body, from the chin to the back. Besides side-streak streaky thick (striata, streaky-streak) is a bit fuzzy. The color is often resemble the surrounding environment. Mouth large, with big teeth and sharp.

Cork fish commonly found in lakes, swamps, rivers, and channels water to the rice fields. These fish prey on a variety of small fish, insects, and various other water animals, including tadpoles and frogs.

Snakehead fish often flood carried into the drains around the house, or into the fish rearing ponds and the mites that prey on fish, pet fish there. If the rice fields, ponds or ditches dry up, the fish will be able to move to another place, or when forced, will bury themselves in the mud to the place back running. Because these fish are often found ‘walk’ on land, particularly in the evenings in the dry season, look elsewhere still juicy. This phenomenon is because the cork has the ability to breathe directly from the air, using a sort of labyrinth organ ( such as the catfish or betok ) but more primitive.

During mating season, males and females work together to complete a nest of vegetation near the water’s edge. The fry red orange black striped, swim in groups traveling together ever come here for food. This young group nurtured by its mother.

The Benefits of Snakehead fish or Channa striata

It is known that this fish is very rich in albumin, a type of protein is important. Albumin human body needs every day, especially in the healing process of wounds. Provision of fish meat protein extract cork or has attempted to increase the levels of albumin in the blood and help cure some diseases.

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