The Benefits of Snail to Perform Youth

Japan Salon Presents Snail Facial in order Ageless

benefits of snail
Need something new for your beauty facial?

Need something new for your beauty facial fashion? you may try this one, now snail no longer just a pet nasty bullies. It turns out the conch animal species have beauty benefits. Dare to try facial affixed to the snails?

A salon in Japan is Tokyo’s Clinical has unique anti-aging treatment called Escargot Celebrity Course, namely facial with snails. Behind texture disgusting slug, apparently snail mucus have great benefits for the skin.

Snail mucus contains protein, antioxidants, and hyularonic acid. Its function is to keep the moisture and smooth the skin and removes dead skin cells.

The treatment consists of a series of facial massages, masks, and use of electrical pulse machine. The treatment begins with cleansing the skin, snails placed on both cheeks and forehead. Small animals are allowed to run around the face so that the mucus to spread naturally.

“Snail mucus can renew the skin, so the snail can repair damage facial skin. Snail mucus also serves to repair skin damage caused by sunlight,” said Yoko Miniami, Tokyo’s Clinical manager, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Snails used in the treatment of not just any snail. Rather special snails fed organic vegetables such as spinach and carrots. The treatment was carried out for 60 minutes for £ 161 or about 250 bucks.

Previously, facial snails has been present in Russia first. In addition, there are also creams containing snail. The same function, which makes the skin more moist and anti-aging.

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