The benefits of fruit based on color

White-colored fruit

Color knows, garlic fruit color, the color of low-fat cheese, yogurt color, the color of soy milk and fruit color of milk are examples of foods that are white, contain many flavonoids that may help the cell membrane. Low-fat milk can also be helping with the work of the heart while calcium to build fat and lose weight. So it is great for the body.

Red-colored fruits

The color of vegetables and fruits that contain lots of red pigment which is useful for fighting disease and lycopene, a substance that acts to maintain cell health and can reduce the risk of cancer. Such as: tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, apples, cranberries, cherry, red grape, beet, and red peppers. While most high-containing oxidants are strawberries, cranberries, cherry, red grape, beet, and red peppers.

Yellow-colored fruit

Yellow color in vegetables and fruits contain vitamin C indicates that quite a lot. Where in the body of vitamin C is necessary to protect the body cells, contain potassium which is good for lowering high blood pressure, reduce plaque formation in arteries, and serves as a natural laxative.

Green colored fruit

Fruits and green vegetables contain sulfarophane, isothiocyanates and indoles. Serves to stimulate the level of component makers that can break down cancer-causing chemicals. The darker the green color in vegetables, the more chlorophyll it contains and the greater the need for antioxidant protection. Such as: broccoli, lettuce, spinach, and green tea. According to the study of tea can provide a boost in your metabolism because tea contains polyphenols and caffeine, which unite to open up the fat burning process in the different control values.

Orange colored fruit

The color of sweet potatoes, squash orange color, the color of carrots, and cantaloupe color of pumpkin, peach, mango color, color apricot and papaya are some of the examples of fruits and vegetables are colored orange. Each serving of fruits & vegetables that give a lot of beta carotene alpha-carotene, beta-carotene which can nourish the body and alpha carotene can be effective against cancer. Half a bowl of fruit & vegetables are colored orange are to meet the requirement of vitamin C in the body.

Chocolate-colored fruit

The habit of consuming food or brown, it can help remove toxins in the body that cause disease. Such as: breads, grains, cereals, granola, and nuts. Seeds contain lots of vitamin B that can increase the body’s ability to convert calories into energy.

Blue and purple colored Fruit

Examples of vegetables and fruits that are blue purple eggplant are a fruit, raisins and grape fruit. The content of magnesium in grapes and raisins fruit is necessary for the movement of stool is good. Grape skins are also a laxative (laxative) is good. Water containing high enough, so it can add the necessary body fluids. While the eggplant may lower cholesterol and bile acids in the gut and drove him out of the body. In addition, the fruit of eggplant also contains cholesterol-lowering pectin in considerable numbers.

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