The Benefits of Forest for Human Being

Since the ancient human ancestors, the forest was designated as the area for earning a living. Since then there have been local wisdom about human beings to protect and preserve the forest and its environment to remain a excellent forest rest of their lives.
Forest known to have benefits directly or indirectly to human life as presented as follows.

1. Direct benefit of Forest for human being

1.1. Resource materials / construction of buildings (houses, bridges, ships, boat, train bearings, power poles, plywood, particle board, panels etc.).
1.2. Resource materials home furniture (furniture, sculptures, plates, ladles, spoons, etc.).
1.3. Source of food supply (sago, umbian, vegetables, etc.).
1.4. Protein source (honey, meat, bird nests, etc.).
1.5. Resource support educational facilities (pinsil and paper).
1-6. Source of fuel (firewood, charcoal etc.).
1-7. Source of oxygen (breathing human, animal respiration)
1.8. Sources of income (sale of timber and non-timber forest)
1.9. Source of drug-Department (leaves, bark, sap, fruit / seeds)
1-10. Wildlife habitat (food, drink, play, sleep)

2. Indirect benefits of Forest for human being

2.1. Regulator solar system water (water discharge, erosion, flooding, drought)
2.2. Control climate patterns (temperature, humidity, evaporation)
2.3. Control global warming
2.4. Ecotourism (recreation, hunting, camping etc.)
2.5. Germplasm laboratory (national parks, botanical gardens etc.)
2.6. Education and research center
2.7. Resources supporting materials chemical industries (dyes, terpenes, cosmetics, drugs, textiles etc.).

Forest is a community of plants and animals that live in the surface layer and the ground, which is located in an area and form an ecosystem that is in dynamic equilibrium. Thus meaning associated with processes relating namely:

1. Hydrological,
forest means a storage warehouse absorb water and rain water or dew will eventually stream into the rivers that has a fountain in the middle of the forest on a regular basis according to the rhythms of nature. Forests also play a role to protect the soil from erosion and recycle momentous element.

2. Climate,
natural means ecosystem component consisting of the elements of rain (water), sunlight (temperature), wind and humidity can greatly affect life at the surface of the earth, especially macro-or micro-climate.
benefit forest climate elements

3. Soil fertility,
means forest land is the main humus formation and storage of mineral elements for other plants. Soil fertility is determined by factors such as parent rock types that form, the condition for the process of formation, texture and structure of soil covering the humidity, temperature and soil water, topography regions, vegetation and bodies of living bodies. These factors which later resulted in the formation assorted forest formations and forest vegetation.

4. Genetic diversity,
forest means a wealth of varieties of flora and fauna. When the forest is not observed in the utilization and sustainability, it is not impossible to happen genetic erosion. This is because diminishing forest habitats.

5. Natural resources,
forest means able to contribute substantial natural result of foreign exchange for the country, especially in the field of industry. Besides forest also provides functionality to the community forest as day-to-day fulfillment. In addition to wood also produced other materials such as resin, Kopal, gondorukem, turpentine, white wood and rattan and plant medicines.

6. Regional nature tours,
forest means capable of functioning as a source of inspiration, aesthetics, ethics and so on.

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