the benefits of cupping

cupping health benefits

cupping health benefits

Cupping or hijamah is a treatment technique by throwing dirty blood (harmful toxins) from the body through the skin surface. According to public schools, in fact it serves to remove the blood that has been damaged or oxidized due to high oxidant in the body.

Al Hijamah words derived from Arabic terms: Hijama (حجامة) which means the release of bad blood. Whereas in English called cupping, and in the Malay language known as bekam. In Indonesia, also known as kop or cantuk term.

Cupping therapy is quite popular in many European countries and America, in colleges-universities and colleges curriculum that teaches alternative medicine and complementary medicine, and in many treatment centers with a variety of ingredients.

Cupping blood is the blood that issued by the clerk of cupping of the body.
There are several features of the bruise blood that makes me stunned:

1. Oxidized blood without air (anaerobic).
2. Separation of plasma from blood.
3. Plasma discharge alone of the cupping place.
4. If we put the two cups to suck the blood, then the blood could have come out on the glass, but could not go out at all on the glass that one again, even though both are side by side.

Comparison of Laboratory Results Between Blood in Blood Vessels Set with Blood Out Because Cupping:
The doctors were surprised by the statement of scientists Damascus, Muhammad Amin Syaikhu in outstanding scientific article about the bruise and common knowledge about the healing mechanism derived from the practice of cupping is in damaged blood cleansed from the body that inhibits the passage of the functions and duties of the perfect body , so that the body becomes easy prey for a variety of diseases.

To reveal the meaning of this sentence “cleanse the body of damaged blood“, a laboratory team have examined the blood of cupping points (ie from the nape) in laboratory and compared with normal blood vessels in a large number of people who have cupping based on the principles of Cupping is true, and blood can be seen from the results of laboratory studies of blood against the blood of cupping.

Based on the research, the benefits of cupping look as follows:
1. That the bruise blood containing one-tenth levels of white blood cells (leukocytes) in the blood that is in common. Was seen in all the cases studied, with no exceptions. This fact is staggering the doctors!! Therefore, how the blood can get out without the release of white blood cells? This fact suggests that cupping therapy remains to protect and at the same time strengthen the immune system elements.

2. As concerns the erythrocytes (red blood cells), all red blood cells have an odd shape, meaning that the cells are not able to activity call, in addition to also inhibit other cells are still young and active.

This suggests that the process of cupping throw red blood cells are damaged and are no longer needed blood, while retaining the white blood cells in the body. While fashd cause loss of blood composition useful with red blood cells to be cleared.

3. Bonding capacity of iron in the blood is very high cupping (550-1100), one thing that shows that the bruise maintain iron in the body do not come out with blood ejected with a bruise as the early use of iron in the formation of cell- new young cells.

4. Content of red blood cells and white blood cells in the blood of cupping high. This suggests that the cupping process succeeded in removing all dirt, rest, and erythrocyte sedimentation active pushing back the entire system and organs of the body.

I hope after you read this article you’ll now know about the benefits of cupping.
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