the benefits of consuming goat meal

Goat meat can be made into delicious dishes and tempting. Besides delicious taste, goat meat also has a lot of benefits and efficacy. Eating goat meat is believed to raise blood pressure, so that the people who have very low blood pressure are advised to eat mutton satay.

Goat meat is a good source of iron, B vitamins, choline and selenium best. Vitamin B helps the body burn fat, while choline and selenium can ward off cancer. Every 100 grams of goat meat contains 154 calories, 9.2 mg of fat, 3.6 mg of saturated fat.

Goat meat is also believed to increase sexual potency of men. bile goats also believed efficacious to improve sexuality. It’s just for the consumption of goat bile should be swallowed whole.

Another benefit of consuming goat meal is bile can cure malaria. In some books of Chinese medicine, there is bile to treat malaria, such as snake bile. But apparently bile goat also has properties similar to snake bile.

Goat’s milk, especially for goats types etawa, has many advantages when compared to milk the other ruminants. Fluorine content of goat milk that existed at levels 10-100 times higher than cow’s milk and is anti-bacterial, has protein, digestible fat, sodium (Na), phosphorus (P), and calcium (Ca) levels.

For those who have skin diseases, goat’s milk is best eaten to cope with skin diseases such as eczema and hives.

Goat milk can also help restore the health of a mother who just gave birth, heal bleeding after childbirth, recovering iron after menstruation, anemia cure, inhibits bone loss (osteoporosis), tackle tuberculosis and asthma, even goat’s milk can also control cholesterol levels in blood, curing high uric acid and renal abnormalities called Nepbratic Syndrome.

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