The Benefits Of Breakup

5 Benefits of Breakup

breakup healthy benefits
The Benefits of Breakup
Although the breakup is painful, it does not mean breaking up that love has no benefits at all. According to the study, breakups can provide health benefits both physical and mental. What are merit behind stranded affair?

A study conducted by the University of Minnesota in 2003 to 91 students, revealing that there are personal growth that occurred after the breakup. Some of them, a figure that is more confident and know what they want.

“After the relationship ended, we no longer need to justify why we need to be with other people, and this allows us to see things more clearly,” said Ty Tashiro, one of the researchers.

A Northwestern University study found that after parting people tend to get confused. But it is not entirely bad. “The specific changes that originate from the consciousness wants to find a replacement pair. So it’s no wonder, people become more welcoming and pleasant after the breakup, “said Erica Slotter, author of the study.

As quoted from She Knows, follows five health benefits behind the breakup:

1. More Calm / Quieter
When the beloved is no longer on the side, so You can have the time to find your pleasure. According to Peter Strong, Ph.d., author of ‘ The Path of Mindfulness Meditation ‘, Meditation is the best way. Looking for a time to keep silence and sat while thinking

what’s causing the pain of your heart. According to Strong, “you have full control and responsibility for what you feel. Your feelings are not related to things that happen to you. “

This meditation usually spend up to 15 to 20 minutes. But if you feel excessive pain, meditating is up to 30 minutes and prepare themselves against the pain. Strong recommend, “tell your suffering, ‘ I feel for you and choose to smile ‘.”

2. A better eating habits
“Women often complain because they are forced to consume the same amount of food with his partner, and it adds to their weight. After the breakup, women can focus on the appropriate caloric needs and especially the eating portion it wants, “explains nutritional expert Susan Mitchell, Ph.d.

Choosing the right foods can make you a lot better. According to Mitchell, foods with vitamin C, vitamin B and potassium–as in spinach and fruit berry–can help reduce stress. “Get enough protein for hair health and a better quality of sleep,” explained Mitchell again.

3. maximize the Life
According to psychology from Washington DC, Marsha Lucas, Ph.d., women tend to make her partner as the main focus, while being entered into romance. “After the break, you can rediscover things about yourself that is never forgotten,” added Lucas. Ask yourself what you want to create. “If you start to ask what to do next, you will start again to learn yourself,” explained Lucas again.

4. the desire of sports is rising
When dating, you don’t have much time to work out, so this is a good time to do it. “A separation could be the motivation for someone to think more independently and doing the things he’s sense of fun. Exercise has been proven to be stress and anxiety in some cases, “said Tommy Boone, Ph.d., founder of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists.

5. Closer with friends
A study at the University of Minnesota found that breakups can make friendship became tighter. To avoid feeling lonely, you will meet more frequently with friends. According to Tashiro, “friends and family can predict relationship satisfaction even of the relationship in the future.” **

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