Tattoos Benefits from Fashion to Health

tattoos health benefits

Tattoo Story

Tattoo comes from the Tahitian “tatu” which supposedly means sign. Although historical evidence tattoo is not so much, but the experts concluded that the tattoo art already existed since 12,000 years BC. Ancient tattoo ritual for ancient tribes like the Maori, Inca, Ainu, Polynesians, borneo etc.

Tattoo as Fashion Lifestyle

Even now tattoos have become accessories to some fans, not only among men on, now we are not strange anymore to see a woman having a tattoo, tattoos have become part of this fashion century.

Tattoo for Health Purpose – Benefits Tattoo For Diabetes Patients

tattoos health benefits

tattoos health benefits

A tattoo (tattoos) is no longer just a part of fashion or style but will be part of the people who have diabetes.

A research conducted by Drapers Laboratories have found a tattoo technology that facilitates For people with diabetes to control blood sugar in body.

By using ink which is called Nano-Ink, colors in the tattoo will change color to yellow when sugar levels already approaching the limit.

This tattoo technology would be more efficient, since people who have diabetes do not need to check blood sugar with regular sugar checker tool, quite often see existing tattoo image, when it changes color then stop eating foods that are too sweet.

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