Take advantage of Cabbage as Anticancer medicine

Cabbage is not just ordinary vegetables. In addition to delicious cooked and made fresh vegetable, cabbage leaves can also be used for prevent or cure various diseases because the content in it is good for the body.

Cabbage Vegetable plants from Asia and the Mediterranean is readily available in the market, even the price is quite affordable. Fresh cabbage contain lots of vitamins (A, aB , C, and E). High content of Vitamin C to prevent scurvy (acute sprue). Contained many minerals are potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and iron. Fresh cabbage also contains a number of compounds that stimulate the formation of glutathione, a substance required for disabling toxic substances in the human body.

Here are some health benefits that can be drawn from the cabbage :

Cabbage for Anti- inflammation and boost immunity
Animo acid contained glutamine can help some types of inflammation. As well as the content of vitamin C, which can help strengthen the body and fight free radicals.

Cabbage to prevent cataracts
The content of beta – carotene can be used to protect the eyes from cataract risk.

Cabbage benefits to Lose weight
Cabbage can be selected as a vegetable to support diet or to lose weight. In two gengam cooked cabbage contains only 33 calories. That’s the reason why people who are on a diet are encouraged to eat cabbage, because in addition to filling vegetables, cabbage consumption that many will not change or increase weight

Cabbage as Anti Carcinogenic
Cabbage has a compound called sulforaphane that protects cells from carcinogenic attack. Cabbage helps treat cancer of the colon, stomach, lung, breast and ovarian.

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