swiftlet bird nest; Health & beauty benefits

The Health & Beauty Benefits of swiftlet bird nest

Consuming swiftlet bird nest could serve as a healthy lifestyle, it is because nest swiftlet bird has a balanced nutritional content and does not cause spontaneous effect on the body. So if you eat soup only occasionally nest swiftlet bird, bird nest swiftlet efficacy is not optimal.

● How long does it take to get the results of bird nest?
In consuming bird nest swiftlet recommended consumption must comply within 3-5 months, 2-3 times a week. If consume bird’s nest soup every day or every other day was also better with the number of 3-5 grams of dried swiftlet bird nest soup to be cooked.

● The best time to consume soup bird nest swiftlet
In traditional Chinese medicine nests are sometimes used as a treatment or therapy” Chinese Food.” Similarly, a therapeutic herbal medicines also require a regular time such as three to five months to get the best results.

● swiftlet bird nest for beauty skin
Swiftlet bird nest is great for keeping the body in order to stay beautiful skin and can slow down aging.

To get beautiful and healthy skin, swiftlet bird nest should be consumed before going to bed.

● Role of swiftlet bird nest for health and body beauty
If you have more budget, it would be better if you frequently consume them. It will give effect to the good health and beauty in the body naturally.

Swiftlet bird nest contains glycoprotein whose function is to help natural regeneration of body cells that slow the aging (acting naturally to slow down aging). To moisturize the skin as an anti-aging and preventing wrinkles on the skin. swiftlet bird nest can act to maintain overall body health, improve lung health, improve respiratory system so it is good for smokers and people who are elderly / old people.

How to cook bird nest swiftlet is by soaking it first, then clean up the dirt (such as grass and fur left) when it’s clean soup can be cooked with meat or mixed with sugar cubes and drink / eat. That the efficacy of swiftlet bird nest for health and beauty, may be useful to you.

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