Sweating Trigger Brain More Creative

Most people desire to make more slender as the motivation to exercise. However, a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience shows, sweat-producing activities that one is also useful for enhancing creativity.

Dutch researchers found that people who exercise regularly tend to be better at generating creative thinking. According to them, physical activity improves people’s ability to think more flexibly.

However, the researchers emphasized that such effects can only be felt in those who exercise regularly. Chairman Lorenza Colzato research from Leiden University, the Netherlands, said the research team conducted an analysis of the impact of sports on the creativity of two main parts, namely the divergent and convergent thinking.

Divergent thinking is the thinking that produces many solutions to solve a problem. Meanwhile, convergent thinking can produce the best solution to the problem right.

Colzato and his team asked two groups of respondents to test creative thinking. Meanwhile, the group is required to exercise at least four times a week, the other group was asked not to exercise.

Creativity tests conducted by researchers think that writing down the link of the three words that are not interconnected. They found that the group of respondents who exercise have better scores than any other group.

” Physical activity is good for improving the ability to think creatively, as long as done routinely. If not, then the energy that could be used for nearly think it used to move, ” he said.

Colzato added, regular exercise is a healthy and inexpensive way to improve cognitive abilities, including creativity.

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