Stress Trigger Risky Sex in Women

stress could triggered risky sex
stress trigger risky sex in women

When subjected to stress, women usually turn to chocolate, fine food, or tell a friend. But if the choice fell on sex, then women should be more vigilant, because according to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, women tend to have a higher sexual desire while sad and anxious, so they are more likely to undertake risky sex.

The findings come from a report given by 929 women and 1,054 men. It is not surprising that women experience a decrease in arousal when they feel sad, anxious, or stressed. But those who get intake a libido enhancer, they tend to perform risky sex.

These women are more interested in having sex with any partner they met recently. In fact, according to the study, this group is more prone to having “one night stand” with strangers.

Though it would trigger them to feel worse. Because, after risky sex, they tend to regret that increase the risk of depression.

But that does not mean when you’re having a good mood regardless of the possibility of a woman having sex risky. However, the study emphasizes, the possibility of increase in size when a woman is under stress.

The researchers assert that every woman to be aware of the risk of casual sex and feelings of regret after doing so. “Think again before sex risky,” they pleaded.

Unsafe sex is known to be a means of spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. In addition, this activity also increases the incidence of unplanned pregnancy.

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