Sneezing Benefits

Sneezing is a great airflow through the mouth and nose. According to wikipedia, a sneeze is a semi-autonomous air discharge that occurs with hard through the nose and mouth. This air can reach speeds of 70 m / sec (250 km / h). Sneezing can spread the disease through a grain infected water whose diameter between 0.5 to 5 lm. Approximately 40,000 grains of water as it can be produced in a single sneeze

Sneezing usually occurs because there are bullies particles in your nose. Nerve endings in the nose stimulates you sneeze to get rid of those particles. 
Other causes that brought this about was the cold or flu. At the time of the flu, a lot of foreign particles in your nose, forcing the nose stimulates sneezing. And when you sneeze air speed can reach 166 kilometers per hour. Then when you sneeze will issue up to 100,000 small mucus granules and micro-organisms.
At the time of sneezing, your eyes closed, because there are nerves in the nose and the eyes is actually related to each other, so that when we sneeze, our eyes will automatically be closed. This is to protect the tear ducts and blood capillaries to avoid contamination by the bacteria out of the nasal membranes. 
By the time we sneeze, the reflex muscles on the face we become tense, the heart would stop beating for a moment. Soon after sneezing it will be back again throbbing heart beat again alias.
Actually sneezing also has the benefit of keeping your nose clean, sneezing which occurs over and over again is expected to help the cleanup efforts in the nasal cavity

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