Smart Bra That Can Measure Stress Levels

Microsoft researchers designed a smart bra that can detect stress.

Prototype model on display has a sensor to monitor heart activity and skin to give an indication of the mood

The goal is to determine if this technology could be used to prevent overeating due to stress.

The data is sent to the user ‘s mood bra through a smart phone application to indicate if the “emotional eating” may occur.

The team of visualization and interaction research group put electrical sensors and electro cardio for heart charity for the skin inside the bra.

In a research document, it says a team of scientists use a bra “ideal because they can collect data ECG ( electro cardio, heart rhythm)”.

While efforts to create underwear for men with similar functionality are less successful because the location of the sensor is too far away from the heart.

Women who tried the smart bra reported their feelings for six hours a day over a period of four days.

“Users of this prototype bra overwhelmed because the electrical energy in a bra should be recharged every three to four hours,” said Microsoft senior research designer, Asta Roseway.

The discovery of the smart bra is evidence that technology features embedded in clothing is now more widely used to monitor health conditions.

Last month, there was even a scientist who developed a bra that is linked to the Twitter social networking media. Twitter account will automatically tweet whenever paired bra wearer to remind women to check the health condition of her breasts.

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