Shampoo; Clean Hair and Solve Fogged Windshield

The Benefits of Shampoo – Clean Hair and Solve Fogged Windshield

Who does not know the shampoo? shampoo is a hair and scalp liquid cleanser. The main function of shampoo is to clean the hair and scalp, hair impurities including natural secretions of the skin, accumulation of dirt from the environment and the rest of the hair care products are used by consumers. After cleaning, it can give perfect satisfaction to the user / consumer. 
shampoo benefits

shampoo benefits for fogged windshield

Using shampoo will result in Soft, shiny, and easy to set up hair. Formulations of shampoo can also be a mixture that is emphasized for several special abilities such as to minimize the pain of the eye, controls dandruff or provide an attractive fragrance to smell the fragrance that is acceptable.

Do you know if the shampoo not only can be used as a hair and scalp cleanser? shampoo also useful in addressing auto glass frosted? windshield is fogged is because the air inside the cabin temperature higher than the temperature outside the car. Dew on the windshield will increase, especially if your car is damaged air-conditioning, so it was forced to shut down the glass. circumstances frosted glass make sure your views are not so comfortable, and can be dangerous. now how to cope with the dew on the windshield?

Another benefits of Shampoo

An easy way to overcome the windshield fogged, using regular shampoo you use to wash, dewy glass problems can be overcome. Shampoos contain chemicals that can block the deposition of water vapor, so dew temperature due to the heat in the cabin can not stick to the glass surface.

You do this by applying a liquid shampoo to taste throughout the inside of the glass, the water do not mix. Spread evenly and thin, if you use to much it will disrupt vision. By applying the shampoo, the problem windshield fogged you face will be solved.

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