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Benefits of Chillies
Who does not know with this one? Yes, chilies or chili. You may just find out that chilies or chili this just raises the nutty taste only of our tongues. Behind it, a lot of the benefits contained in the chili or chili. Here is the explanation.

The content and benefits of Chillies

According to Dr. Prapti Utami, a consultant herbal, medicinal plant in the EVERGREEN family, a lot of people don’t know the benefits of chili. Chili actually is a nutrient-rich food. Chilies contain lots of vitamin C and betakaroten (pro vitamin A), more so than fruits such as mango, pineapple, papaya and watermelon. The chilies having a lot of benefits for human body especially the levels of calcium and phosphorus, to surpass the fresh fish. But vitamin C is higher than green chili pepper. Red peppers have more vitamin C twice as high than other colored peppers. The levels of betakaroten were nine times more superior compared with green peppers. Most of the content is located on the peppers betakaroten near the skin.
Substances that make the chili tasted spicy capsaicin is stored in the “grain” white Chili, attachment place of seeds. Therefore, to reduce the sense of spiciness, usually red chili deseeded follows the grain. Capsaicin chili is stomachic, which can increase appetite. Not to mention its ability to stimulate endorphin hormone production that is capable of evoking a sensation of pleasure. That is why people eat chili when the head dizzy. Spicy capsaicin caused blocking brain activity to receive the signal of the pain that we suffer, “Dr. Prapti demolished.
The compound capsaicin turned out to be not only stimulates the appetite, but also be a remedy. Capsaicin thins mucus so as to loosen the blockage in the throat and nose, sinusitis. Capsaicin is also keeping the way blood anticoagulant to keep watered and prevent the formation of a crust of fat on blood vessels. Not surprisingly, people who regularly consume chili long term were suffering from a blockage of blood vessels (atherosclerosis). That means also less likely suffered a stroke, coronary heart disease, and impotence.
Chillies Benefits

Other benefits of Chillies

  1. Chili can relieve colds and nasal congestion due to capsaicin can thin the mucus. So, the mucus congestion in the nasal cavity will become diluted and out. As a result, the nose becomes clogged again. This applies to sinusitis and cough with phlegm also.
  2. Chilli can decrease the risk of stroke, blood vessel blockage, impotence, and coronary heart disease. Because, by consuming blood routinely capsaicin will remain watered and crust of fat on blood vessels would not be formed. So, blood will flow smoothly. So, chili also helps reduce the occurrence of blood clotting (thrombosis).
  3. As a natural antibiotic.
  4. Chilli can ease complaints of headaches and joint pain. Because, nutty taste and heat caused capsaicin will halt delivery of pain signals from the central nervous system to the brain. So, the pain will be reduced, even lost.
  5. Chili may increase appetite, because capsaicin can stimulate the production of hormones, hormone endorphin which is able to evoke a sense of enjoyment and happiness. So, the appetite becomes increased.
  6. Lower cholesterol levels.
  7. Antioxidant Content can be used to overcome infertility (infertility), aphrodisiac, and slow down the aging process
  8. Fruit extract, cayenne pepper has the power of drag against the growth of the fungus Candida Albicans, the fungus on the skin’s surface.
  9. Normalize the back legs and hands that buckled.
  10. Relieves migraine.
  11. In case of rheumatism and disorders of frostbitten (pain due to the cold finger).
  12. Cure flatulence.
  13. Help the calorie burning up to 25%.
  14. Provide calcium and phosphorus for the body.
  15. Hot peppers produce vitamin C (more than oranges) and pro vitamin A (more than carrots), which are indispensable for the body.
  16. Rich in calcium and phosphorous that outperformed the fresh fish.
  17. Chili can eliminate the sense of cold on the body in a way, put on the part that feels cold.
Despite the many benefits that can be derived from consuming Chili, however it is recommended not to consume excessive chilies. So it is not wrong when you start an insert in daily menu of spicy foods you regularly.
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