Seriously Breast cancer symptoms

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that attacks many women. Infact survey reported that 1 out of 8 women has it. The cancer started when cells in breast are contaminated by cancer cells.

Actually, the cancer is not so picky as to attack only women. Actually, men are also in risk of this cancer. Yes, it’s only 1:1000 chance, but it’s still a risk.
Since the cancer can attack anyone at anytime, we all need to be on alert and take precaution. Pay more attention to any chances on our body. You don’t just get the third stadium without showing symptoms before.
As stated in, there are some symptoms indicates that you may under serious stage of this condition. They are pain in the bones, feeling uncomfort in breast, some ulcers appear on the skin and lump at the armpit near the attacked breast, and drastic reduce in body weight. 
So if you notice any of these happening on your body, it is strongly suggested to have checked up immediately. Surely we don’t want to find out whether you really have it or not late.
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