Sea Cucumber Healthy Benefits

Efficacy sea cucumber is already known since almost 500 years ago. Society at that time made sea cucumber as drug delivery and wound. And among about a thousand species sea cucumber, not everything can be consumed and used as medicine. Approximately only 40 species that could be exploited. 
Sea cucumber one species that has remarkable medicinal properties and can be used for human consumption is Stichopus hermanii (trepang or sea cucumber gold).

sea cucumber has an active substance called gamapedia. This substance has a molecular weight which is very small so it is easily absorbed by the body, either through the skin or gastrointestinal tract. If sea cucumber absorbed through the digestive tract, the absorption results will soon be circulated with the blood flow throughout the body so that it can be absorbed by the cells and organ tissues.

In the cells of an organ or tissue, gamapedia to regenerate the cells or tissues that were damaged so that it can recover and function normally. Efficacy is then pushed all parties to conduct further research. And the results are remarkable. Various studies conducted by various universities in the world shows that gold sea cucumber a multifunctional drug as well as an antiseptic.

sea cucumber has a very high protein content, which is almost 82% and is also rich in essential acids. Both of these essential substances work encourages the liver cells that secrete antibiotics. Therefore sea cucumber also called immunomodulators. Sea cucumber regeneration ability exceptional womb caused cell growth factors and collagen contained therein.

Cell growth factors play a role in restoring the damaged cells or tissue while working to regenerate collagen. The content of collagen in the sea cucumber very high indeed. So it is not surprising that sea cucumber cell regeneration ability is super fast. With this potential sea cucumber finally able to overcome the degenerative disease (decreased organ function due to damage cells or tissue) and cure various diseases.

Various diseases can be cured with sea cucumber intermediaries such as diabetes mellitus (diabetes), prostate, hair loss, liver function degeneration, narrowing of blood vessels, cholesterol, lower blood, high blood pressure, skin diseases (eczema and hives), various allergies the respiratory tract (asthma, sinusitis, influenza), osteoporosis, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, gout, chirosis hepatic, renal failure, cancer and tumors, coronary heart disease, and stroke.

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