Saliva Benefits for health

The Benefits of Saliva for Human Health

health benefits of saliva
Saliva Benefits for health
Saliva or saliva is known fluid produced from the human mouth. In the oral cavity, saliva acts to keep the body from various diseases (a first line of defense in the gastrointestinal system).

Saliva is mostly produced by three major glands are the parotid gland, the gland sub-lingual and sub-mandibular gland.

Many know about saliva, but some of them also do not know that saliva has good benefits for health. Reported by Female First, as to the health benefits of saliva;

Top 3 Benefits of Saliva for health

Prevent Damage to Teeth

Saliva contains polin, which is a protein that serves to protect tooth enamel. Saliva also contains minerals that help the tooth remineralization process. Production of saliva in the mouth, we can also help clean the dirt in between our teeth loh.

Maintain Cleanliness Mouth

Saliva also contains antibacterial substances that can prevent bacteria in our mouths. In addition, saliva or saliva also contains antibodies and antimicrobial compounds. Even saliva can also be deadly HIV virus.

Accelerate Wound Healing

Wound on the inner cheek and gums heal faster than in the outer shell. This occurs because of the presence of protein in saliva that helps form new blood vessels. It is also the cause why animals often lick his wounds.

So great benefits saliva saliva quality therefore need to be kept to a really high quality in carrying out its functions. Here’s how to maintain the quality of saliva;

Using a toothpaste that does not contain detergent. Content of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (detergent) contained in toothpaste can damage the quality of saliva and makes the mouth dry and damage the sense of taste. So that the flavor of the food turned out to be bitter or bland shortly after brushing your teeth using toothpaste that contains detergent.

Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after eating, preferably 20 minutes after meals, because according to Prof. drg Melanie S. Djamil, MBiomed, oral health experts, saliva acts as a buffer (counterweight).

During the meal, normal saliva pH 6.8 was originally going to go down until it reaches a critical pH, which is 4. Where to eat and brush your teeth immediately, then the natural structure of the saliva will be damaged and affect the function of the digestive process takes place in the oral cavity.

Thus some of the benefits of Human Saliva.

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    Saliva can eliminate the sour taste so that your teeth will not be
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