Research : Tarantula Toxins Potentially Use as Painkillers

Talk about tarantula venom, everyone certainly imagine the pain and risk of death. But a study to uncover precisely the opposite. Currently researchers are working to develop a tarantula toxin as a painkiller that is safe and effective.

Researchers at Yale University found that a specific protein found in the venom of tarantulas, tarantula in this study is the type of Peruvian green velv

For a study published in Current Biology, researchers analyzed more than 100 spider venom of tarantula species. They did a test by giving them poison on ” TRPA1 “, one of the 12 pain points on the human body. The point lies on the surface of nerve cells that can feel pain and are usually associated with nerve pain and inflammation.

Nitabach also explained that they hope will find other variations as painkillers which would not give adverse effects on nerve function, as reported by Healthy Living (24/02).

Researchers eventually found one tarantula venom that could bear the pain but does not affect any other point on the surface of nerve cells. Furthermore, researchers plan to continue experiments on many tarantula venom that can provide a similar effect on pain.
et, is able to inhibit the activity of nerve cells that drain pain. Senior researcher, Michael Nitabach explained that after doing a lot of research on spider venom, they find one that has the potential to play an active role in suppressing pain.

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