Reasons Why Women Like to Diet

A recent study showed that women in the UK spend 18.9 years of his life to go on a diet.

Page female first ( launch, the average British woman planning to lose eight pounds in a period of 8.11 weeks at the start of each diet, such as the start of the three diets a year. That is, he wanted to go on a diet for 30 years of his life.

However, they implement a diet that is not always running fine. For example, many women failed diet after 5.05 weeks, losing only two-thirds the weight ( five pounds ). That is, he diets for 18.9 years, close to a quarter ( 23 percent ) of his life.

Once the diet is over, they get an average return of 6.19 weight in just weeks. In other words, they spend 23.1 years of his life to gain back the weight she lost.

The figures are based on data life expectancy of women in the UK (82.8 years), assuming an average woman started dieting was 18 years old.

Research of the New Atkins Nutritional Approach ( shows popular time women start dieting is January, which is when women make New Year’s resolutions. In May, there was a 13 percent gain weight back in the summer holidays, last October, they decided to come back fit for the festive season.

Almost one in five New Year dieters fail to lose their weight in February. 16 percent of dieters quit in August ( summer vacation period ends ), and 37 percent are tempted to forget their diet in December.

More than a third of British women diet to prepare for a specific event, such as Christmas and birthdays. It becomes their common motivation than other motivations such as to increase confidence, minimizing the risk of serious health conditions and look good for their partner.

Women in Liverpool are known to have “determination diet ” loudest. They spent 6, 04 weeks ( 22.6 years in their lives ) to the diet. While women in London found it hard to resist temptation – they average diet only for 4.65 weeks ( 17.4 years during their lifetime ).

“Our new numbers are quite alarming, because it shows the average British dieters lose weight as a short-term improvements to an event or events, and repeating the same process over and over again with no results, ” said Chairman of the nutritionist for the New Atkins Nutritional Approach, Linda O’Byrne.

He replied, “It is a common side effect in view weight loss as a short-term ‘ fad ‘ to help you reach the target number on a scale on a given day. This can be unhealthy and will cause weight piled up after the event passed. “

Linda also said that, if lost weight at a steady rate as part of a healthy lifestyle, sustainable, then it will be much easier to make women stay slim. He added, “Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is also easier, if you have long -term goals, such as increasing your confidence and minimize the risk of serious health conditions.”

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