Ready Your Body CrossFit Exercise?

Everyone can do CrossFit, but every man also at risk of injury when doing so. Because of these risks, it is not everyone safe this high -intensity exercise. Well, when I want to do a CrossFit workout, how do you know your body is ready to do it ?

According to Michael Triangto sports specialists, including the CrossFit high intensity exercise. That is, CrossFit forcing the body to perspire, and much faster impact on the organs and muscles, compared to low intensity exercise. However, determining the intensity of exercise that is suitable for a person’s very subjective nature.

” The intensity of exercise is suitable for me that every day is different than the exercise intensity exercise suitable for people who rarely exercise, ” he said when contacted by Reuters Health, Tuesday ( 07/01/2013 ).

To determine objectively, he added, we need a definite size. One measurement is fairly accurate heart rate during exercise. According to Michael, the heart rate is a parameter that could be a person’s fitness.

Count maximum heart rate during exercise is 220 minus age in years of beats per minute. “for example, a person age twenty, mean heart rate during exercise should not exceed 220 minus 20, which is 200 beats per minute, ” said a doctor who practiced in Slim + Health Clinic is Sport Therapy.

However, to be healthier, Michael advised to keep the heart rate is still below the maximum rate, or 60-70 percent of the maximum rate. So with the above calculation, the figure ranges from 120-160 beats per minute.

” The range need to be considered, because if it is less then the sport would not be too beneficial to health, while if it is more, will be at risk, such as injury or heart attack, ” he said.

Meanwhile, sports specialist Andi Kurniawan said, before exercise should be done first fitness test. ” Especially for the people who are just starting the sport, ” said a doctor who practiced in Indonesia ‘s Sport Medicine Centre.

Andi explained, the fitness test is comprised of amazing flexibility test, strength, endurance, and so on. In addition to these tests will also note the risk factors that are individualized, medical history, and existing health problems.

How to know exercise is beyond the limit and must be stopped ? Andi explained, in addition to heart rate, muscle fatigue could be a marker. If the muscles begin to fatigue during a movement or lifting weights while doing CrossFit, you should immediately stop exercising.

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