Prevent anemia with the benefits of lychee fruit

Lychee fruit with 1000 health benefits – Lychee, tasty fruit native of Southeast Asia can be enjoyed in the form of fresh or processed into juice. 
Besides being delicious, lychee fruit also has many healthy benefits, one prevent anemia. Want to know the other benefits of eating fruit lychee?


Top 8 Health Benefits of Lychee

Lychee contains oligonol, an antioxidant that can fight the flu virus. Is also a powerful antioxidant believed to protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

High iron content in lychee well taken to increase hemoglobin levels in the body and prevent anemia.

Antioxidants in the fruit lychee are also able to protect cells from free radical damage, inhibit the growth of cancer – especially breast and prostate cancer.

Heart disease
Eating fruit lychee powerful lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. So that blood circulation becomes more fluent and reduced risk of heart disease.

Immune system
Lychee is a good source of vitamin C. Equipped with other antioxidants, eating this fruit makes the immune system stronger.

Blood formation
Lychee has a healthy minerals such as folate, manganese, iron, and copper in charge of forming red blood cells. Not only that, the vitamin C also helps the body absorb iron to the fullest.

On a diet? Do not hesitate to eat lychee fruit. The content of fiber and vitamin B complex in it can stimulate the body’s metabolism and speed up the burning of calories.

High blood pressure
Research has shown that antioxidants in lychee can also lower high blood pressure. Potassium on lychees were instrumental in keeping the levels of salt in order to remain balanced in the body.

That lychees, fruit with an abundance of benefits. Feel free to eat and taste a variety of healthy benefits.

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