Pretty Without Makeup

Benefits of 7 Step to Look Pretty Without Makeup

Makeup is what women need to help maximize appearance and correcting some shortage in the face. However, continuous wear makeup without quality care will make your skin dull.

Occasionally may as well performing without makeup. But, how if does not look pretty?

Take it easy, do not change the actual makeup of a person’s face anyway. Makeup only make this alone, so with or without makeup you can still look beautiful. Well, here’s a recipe that you remain beautiful without wearing makeup.

7 Step to Look Pretty Without Makeup

Wake up early
Familiarize yourself up early will help your skin and keep it fresh and healthy body. Do not be lazy to get up and move your body. At least warm up so that blood circulation can remain smooth.

No need to take a long time, exercising 15 minutes each day will make your skin stays fresh. Never mind all the way to the gym too right.

Choose bright colors
Do not let you just look with white or black only. Exploration your style and wear bright colors that will help you look more fresh.

Compress face using ice cube

Habit of wearing ice compresses to the face in the morning will help make your skin look fresher. This method also relieve swelling and dark circles in the eye. Furthermore, the pores will appear smaller.
Wear earrings
Make no mistake ! Accessories can transform your appearance in an instant, for example, just earrings. Choose one of the earrings for you to wear and match with fashion and events that will be visited. And you will know how different you look.

Keep your cell phone away at night
According to a study conducted by the Lighting Research Center at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, as quoted from stylecaster, flickering flame of mobile phones can affect the amount of melatonin in the skin. The longer and more frequent exposure, then you will be more difficult to sleep. And because of lack of sleep is the skin look dull and not so fresh the next day.

Consume oranges
Consumption of citrus or fruit rich in vitamin C as an additional source of antioxidants. In addition, vitamin C is also good for the skin and improve the body’s immune.

Doctors always recommend that if you are 20/20/20 engineering office workers who daily struggle with the monitor or other work. 20/20/20 means you have to look away for 20 seconds on other objects, walk 20 steps every 20 minutes or so.

Applying the 7 steps above you do not have to rely on smear makeup every day to look pretty. The skin will look more fresh, and healthy.

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