Playing Violent Game Benefits

Benefits of playing games that contain violent

Anyone may know what are the benefits of playing game, Usually the advantages of playing the game was only found pleasure, and certain games will belong to educate players, different from the game that is filled with elements of violence in it. But apparently the news indisputable, because there is a study that reveals the efficacy of playing a game with elements of violence in it.

A study by the University of Keele in the UK resulted in a conclusion that is quite odd, playing video games with violent elements make gamers more resistant to pain. Eventually, there is a relationship between playing video games and the body’s reaction to pain;

the results were released on 7 September on their official website. The study was conducted on 40 people who play video games with elements of violence, or killing other characters in a virtual world, can be more resistant to pain. The indicator used is the duration put their hands in ice water.

In conclusion, it turned violent video games make them hold hands 65 percent longer be in the ice water. Before the test, a similar method is used, but not before playing a game title that contains no violence.

Researchers concluded from these results that the increased tolerance to pain caused by the body’s natural mechanism to combat stress while playing. The mechanism encourages the brain to reduce sensitivity to pain.

The link between violent games and durability of pain is also inspired from similar studies lead to the conclusion that swearing makes ones also more resistant to pain. The study was conducted by a team from the Keele University.

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