Papaya Leaf Health Benefits

papaya leaf benefits to health. Papaya plant is a plant that has many benefits. There are at least 7 different health benefits of papaya leaves for us is very important to us.

Top 7 Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Health

1. Help facilitate breastfeeding.
The trick is to take 3 pieces of young leaves, then squeeze the leaves and place it over the fire until wilted, then stick papaya leaf around breast, but do not put it in the nipple area.
2. Benefits of Papaya Leaves to cure digestion
Papaya leaves contain a chemical called karpain. Substances that can kill microorganisms is an enemy to us as often interfere with digestion.
3. Papaya leaves can cure dengue fever
You never would have thought that the bitter papaya was very beneficial to our health, which could treat dengue, dengue fever can be relieved with papaya leaves.
How to create a remedy for dengue fever :
Take some leaves of papaya, then squeeze the water about 1/2 liter. Having crushed papaya leaves, then strain the juice, and drink 3 times a day, namely : Morning, afternoon, and before bed. DBD Hopefully you get better soon.
4. Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Acne Medication.
This time also serves as a papaya leaf cure acne. Usually pretty girls and mothers : P who always crave appearance, so that the face of acne it will be insecure and not confident. Papaya leaves can be a solution to your acne.
How to make a papaya mask
Take 2-3 papaya leaves around 30g old. Later in the sun to wither then puree. Add a half teaspoon of water and create masks, more young papaya latex on apply on the acne. Do it regularly.
5. Papaya leaf to treat menstrual pain
Papaya leaves can also be a solution for treating pain while menstruating. How: Take one young leaves, add tamarind and salt. Then mix with a glass air/250 cc and Rebus. Take water, then add 2 tablespoons honey stir. And drink when cool.
6. Papaya leaf cure cancer
It is still uncertain, but from several studies indicate that the benefits of papaya leaves can also be developed as anti- cancer. Actually, not only alone but stem papaya leaves can also be used. Because both have milky latex ( milky sap ).
7. Papaya leaves is also beneficial to add appetite.
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